Big Sean and Ariana grande split

I know you don’t care, but emotionally unavailable rapper Big Sean is not planning to write a diss song about studio singer Ariana Grande any time soon.

Another blog spread a rumor that Sean is recording a diss about Grande after their recent breakup. The rapper also penned a diss track after he broke up with pseudo singer Naya Rivera.

Gossip Cop went straight to the source and got the scoop on the rumor.

From Gossip Cop:

HollywoodLife claims Big Sean is planning to “write and release a song dedicated to bashing” Grande. “Big Sean can’t wait to put his relationship with Ariana on blast in a song,” a so-called source tells the highly unreliable webloid.

The outlet points out that Big Sean previously released a song bashing his ex-fiancee, Naya Rivera, and weirdly claims he holds a grudge against Grande because she skipped his performance at the House of Blues in February. HollywoodLife also insists the rapper is still mad about Justin Bieber putting his arms around Grande during a recent concert in Los Angeles.

First, let’s point out that HollywoodLife is the same webloid that fell for a FAKE tweet in which Big Sean supposedly threatened Bieber over the Grande incident. As Gossip Cop accurately reported at the time, the Twitter message was photoshopped and phony. Big Sean and Bieber are friends.

Second, just because the rapper dissed Rivera in a song, it does NOT mean he’s planning to do the same to Grande. Last year, Big Sean told Ryan Seacrest that he actually wrote the Rivera track before he split from her, but noted that “it’s funny how records sometimes relate to you more later on.” Regardless, Gossip Cop reached out to a rep for Big Sean, who tells us exclusively that HollywoodLife’s story is “not true.”

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