Scrappy and Bambi at Phipps Plaza

If you thought rappers Scrappy, left, and Bambi were faking their relationship to boost TV ratings for their reality show, you’re wrong. I observed the couple from afar, on the other side of the high end shoes department in Saks Fifth Avenue on Saturday. They really are a couple. Their body language was unmistakable. Thanks to Sammi Haynes, Editor-in-Chief of Sheen magazine, for taking these photos so I didn’t have to blow my cover.
Photos: Sammi Haynes

Chris Brown at Coachella Neon Carnival Party

Troubled singer Chris Brown, 25, wore a poncho cape to a Coachella music festival after party “Neon Carnival”, in Indio, CA. on Saturday. Brown completed his bohemian look with a pair of Kanye West‘s Yeezy Boost moccasin sneakers. Brown, who never lacks female company, seems lost without his ex-concubine, Karrueche Tran, who kicked him out of her bed after she learned he fathered a daughter with an aging groupie last year.

Amber Rose at Coachella Neon Carnival Party

Chronically single socialite Amber Rose ditched her girlfriends Christina Milian, Karrueche Tran, and Vanessa Simmons, and went solo at Coachella in Indio, CA. on Saturday.

Mario Lopez Poses With Drag Queen TP Lords

Hunky ‘Extra’ host Mario Lopez, right, posed for photos with drag queen TP Lords (the tall one) before heading back into his hotel in Miami Beach, FL. Mario was in town to make appearances and serve as the Grand Marshal during the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade 2015 on Saturday. Unlike transgender men with mental disorders, such as Laverne Cox and Bruce Jenner, drag queens dress up as women for entertainment purposes only.

Mario Lopez and Wife Courtney In Miami

Earlier that day, Mario spent the day with his wife Courtney on Miami Beach. Mario, 41, and Courtney, 32, have 2 children together. Mario’s veiny bod is still sexy for an over-the-hill man.