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Bruce Jenner seen for the first time after his reported adam's apple operation

Radar Online reports that 65-year-old cross-dresser Bruce Jenner underwent "full gender reassignment" surgery over three weeks ago in a Beverly Hills clinic under the cover of darkness.

RO's source claims: “The procedure involved reshaping Bruce’s male genitalia into that of a woman. He was very happy with the results, but didn’t realize how grueling the recovery would be.”

Even more ridiculous than performing a very risky, fully invasive surgery in a clinic setting is RO's tale that “The surgery was done after hours," with only "minimal staff" in the building.

This is totally absurd! Such extensive surgery would require a full team of surgeon, one or 2 roving operating room nurses (to assist the surgeon), an anesthesiologist; a surgical tech (to make sure the surgical instruments are sanitized and accounted for (so they're not left inside the patient).

This type of fully invasive surgery would be too risky to perform in an outpatient clinic after hours.

RO's source adds: "Nothing was left to chance, and Bruce arrived in the backseat of an SUV, and left hours later the same way.”

Hours later? He left hours after having his penis surgically dissected??

First of all, cross-dressers are mostly married heterosexual men who do not live their lives as women. They do their cross-dressing in secret (when they're wives are at work).

Cross-dressing is an obsessive, autoerotic, fetish behavior in which the sufferer starts at an early age by coveting the clothing owned by his mother or girls/women he is close to.

Jenner fits the criteria of a cross-dresser, not a transgender.

His fetish for wearing his family's clothing is being exploited for TV ratings.

Gossip Cop debunked this ridiculous story as totally false.

GC states that Jenner did not undergo gender reassignment surgery in a Beverly Hills clinic or anywhere else.

Of course, if the webloid had a real “insider,” why did it take three weeks to find out about the surgery? The truth, however, is that Jenner did NOT have his gender reassignment surgery three weeks ago at night in an “empty building,” as the webloid claims. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this false report. A Jenner pal tells us it’s simply NOT true.

Photo: Splash News Online

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    Is anyone in the military, I have some questions?

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    @Cali, I served in the Navy, hubby retired from the Army, and StepMilan medically retired from Army, so I might or might not be able to answer some questions

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    Like you said, he got nice hair and that's about it. He will not be a pretty woman unless he gets a FULL, from face to feet, plastic surgery make-over.

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    @Milanisti, thanks Does this make sense?

    Served 15 yrs in Military. E5. Claims reserves but doesnt have to report monthly or on weekends or anything (from what I've seen) in 6 months. You have until June decide if you want to continue to 20yrs or opt out.

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    @WASTE why is Drake so trivial? On that How Bout now song why he say I bought your dad a gift for Christmas and he didn’t even say thank you?? :lame: That has been on my heart for awhile now. Bothers me every time I hear it. I be like you could have kept that to yourself. Died with that. Took it to the grave :lol:
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    He got another side bish…. :tea:
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    what’s the latest on the job. Yall relaxed on Fri DEE and you can font? :popcorn:
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    This fool looks like a wet piece of Wonder bread :sad:

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    @ Cali, so the person did 15 yrs as a reservist and is still a reservist now, but doesn't report for duty at all and hasn't in the past 6 mos?

    I'm not too familiar with the reserves, cuz I was active duty, but from what I know in general if someone doesn't report for duty, they can be AWOL and then called a deserter, and can ultimately be punished for it if they were ever caught. Hubby was a reservist for a short time before going Active, and from what he told me, it was up to the unit to pursue and punish the person if they didn't report. He had 2 that never reported and the unit didn't do anything. Said if they got stopped for any reason by the cops they would be brought in that way :shrug:

    It does kind of make sense what you wrote, because if the unit knows where the person is, and they are obligated by contract to do another 5 yrs, then they're making them aware of their options right now.

    Sorry if my answer is all over the place, I'm not that good at explaining things :ashamed: but I hope I helped a little bit.

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    @Milanisti...thanks it makes sense. They said they just got a heads up this week that they have to report for 3 days next month but they dont know what its about. I replied "maybe its about the decision you need to make" They said "no, couldnt be b/c I still have to do my 'clearance' "

    Now, idk what Clearance is but dont they give you more than 2 weeks notice when you need to report & tell you why?? It just doesn't add up to me...

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    My milkshake bring all the boys to the basement
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  • I AM MisTaken I don’t get tired :huh: of being PETTY :)

    I AD Air Force and Mr. Seavooplay is Air Guard Reserve….what’s your questions? Perhaps I can help answer them for you
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    I and MR Z are former ARMY and he is in the National Guard Leaving foe his two weeks of summer training

    AND 15yrs and still a E-5 (he should have been "chaptered" out) I could tell u more but in this exam room right now



    and the service gives u "orders" and know 2 weeks notice chit


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    AND 15yrs and still a E-5 (he should have been “chaptered” out)
    That was my first thought. I know that Dony fly in the Navy. A few of hubby coworkers got walking papers because of it.

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    LOL @Zeta He claims that there was an altercation so he was stripped from "on his way to E7 and his standing E6" so that's why he's an E5 after 15yrs :shrug:

    Idk anything about military but my spidey sense tingles whenever other vets or someone is chatting about his military career. Just doesn't sound right...

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