Karrueche and Chris Brown at club

Now we know what happened when troubled singer Chris Brown pursued his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, out of the Playmate Nightclub in Hollywood last night.

As you know, Brown abandoned his expensive Lamborghini and jumped into Karrueche’s Uber. At first observers were like, “Awww, they’re back together.” But then A FIGHT BROKE OUT inside the Uber!

Gossip Cop reports exclusively:

Brown arrived at Playhouse Nightclub late Thursday, where Tran was set to party with close friend Christina Milian. Gossip Cop is told that the drama began when Brown purchased a table right next to Tran and her pals. They got into a “huge argument” inside the club, leading Tran to run out. Brown allegedly ran after her, which is when paparazzi cameras caught footage of the two together outside the venue.

But it was NOT a joyous reunion. Tran’s rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively that she hopped into an Uber to get away from Brown, but he “jumped in and wouldn’t get out.” Tran demanded Brown leave the vehicle, which he allegedly refused to do. Not wanting to cause a public scene, the ride took off with both stars still in it. As for what happened after that, we’re told Tran will be making a public statement later Friday.

No wonder Karrueche looks terrified! You don’t ever want to be that woman whose cray, stalker, ex-boyfriend starts thinking: “If I can’t have her, no one will!”

As a former psyche nurse, I can tell you that Karrueche has good reason to fear Chris.

Once an emotionally unstable man is rejected by his prey, there is no turning back; somebody will get hurt… or killed.

Get a restraining order, Karrueche.

UPDATE: Video of Brown forcing his way into Karrueche’s Uber SUV.

After one of her friends asks CHRIS not to get in, He orders someone to “move to the back.” This will not end well for Karrueche.

For you immature kids who think this is love — love is not fear or intimidation.

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