Jimmy Carter Book Signing

Former President Jimmy Carter opened up to reporters about his stage 4 liver cancer during a press conference at the Carter Center in Atlanta today.

Carter, 90, said doctors from Emory University confirmed the cancer diagnosis in May. On the same day, doctors told him the cancer had metastasized from his liver to his brain.

Carter first broke the news of his cancer diagnosis to the world on August 12.

The Plains, Georgia native joked with reporters about the four small melanoma lesions doctors found on his brain. Melanomas are usually associated with skin cancer.

Carter said he will begin radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Carter said he felt “surprisingly at ease” when he learned of his fate.

He said his message to the public is “one of hope and acceptance. Hope for the best, accept what comes.”

“I think I have been as blessed as any human being in the world,” he said.

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Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com