Kylie Jenner

Unemployed rapper Tyga “surprised” his socialite girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a flashy Ferrai on her 18th birthday last week. Almost immediately the rumors began to swirl that the expensive car was leased specifically for the party.

Well, Star magazine has the receipts…

Tyga Surprises Kylie Jenner with a brand new Ferrari for her 18th Birthday

From Star magazine:

The buzz in their inner circle is that Tyga leased Kylie’s birthday Ferrari for a short period of time, so she had better not get too used to that car – it’s probably headed back to the dealer very soon.”

“At this point, Kylie pays for everything,” the pal tells Star. “She picks up the tab when they fly private, stay at hotels or go on vacation. She’s become a sugar mama at 18.”

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