In other publicity stunt news: Rihanna was supposedly outraged that her album ANTI (pronounced “Auntie”) was “accidentally” leaked online yesterday. The 27-year-old Bajan singer supposedly went ballistic after her boss Jay Z “accidentally” leaked her entire album on his flop Tidal music streaming service Wednesday.

Maybe we would fall for this PR stunt if Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce, didn’t unexpectedly drop her entire album without warning in 2013.

Now Rihanna wants us to believe that Jay Z — a shrewd businessman — accidentally released her whole album in the same way?

Who does she take us for? Beyonce?

Rihanna excitedly thanked her fans for downloading her album. “You guys legit made me the happiest girl in the world!!,” she tweeted on Thursday. “I’m so grateful that you appreciate the #ANTI album! It’s the most rewarding feeling.”

But music reviewers are not as enthusiastic about ANTI.

The NY Times gave Rihanna’s ANTI a lukewarm reception, saying, “Anti is a chaotic and scattershot album, not the product of a committed artistic vision, or even an appealingly freeform aesthetic.”

And the Daily Beast tweeted, “Rihanna’s #Anti disappoints with no hits. Has @Rihanna failed us?”


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