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Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict stirred up a hornet’s nest by advocating feminine stereotypes in boys.

In an article on Momtastic blog titled ‘Why Stereotypes Shouldn’t Exist’, Mowry-Hardrict defended a friend who allowed her young son to wear nail polish to school.

Mowry-Hardrict criticized the school for calling the mother to pick up her son after he was bullied over his nail polish.

She wrote: “Not only that, the teacher told him to take it off. And it’s like, okay, would you have done the same thing if it was a young girl who had on pink nail polish?”

Mowry-Hardrict’s Instagram followers dragged the mother-of-one relentlessly for defending feminine stereotypes in boys.

One wise woman wrote, “It’s not a stereotype it’s the truth! Boys should not be wearing nail Polish period!” She added: “The real problem with the world today is that people like you are confusing our youth!”

Another astute follower chimed in: “I never understood why women try so hard to take masculinity from our sons, raise them to be whatever they want to be but not what God made them to be.”

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Many of her followers believed the school was correct to call the mother to pick up her son because the boy’s nail polish was a distraction to the learning environment.

Men are tasked with sowing the seeds for the next generation. But today’s men are too busy competing with women for the attention of other men.

What are your thoughts? Are mothers like Mowry-Hardrict contributing to today’s girly men by coddling their boys and allowing them to play in their makeup kits?

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