The Kardashian empire is on the verge of collapsing. The family’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is circling the drain, despite Kim Kardashian’s dramatics in a recent episode.

The show suffered a significant drop in ratings, leading to an increase in publicity stunts and planted stories in friendly media outlets such as TMZ.

In one recent episode, Kim wasted an entire bottle of Visine, fake crying over the Paris robbery that netted the home invaders $5 million in jewels and electronics.

Unfortunately for the Kardashians, nobody cared.

Kim put her butt pads back on for this set of paparazzi photos in Los Angeles.

The first two shows of Season 13 had 1.48 million and 1.58 million, respectively, so the drop to 1.41 signaled yet another tough outing.

“This sucks,” a source close to production commented.

Especially given the buzz around these weeks, “these were big episodes and they were supposed to bring in big numbers. This is bad.”

If Kim’s robbery and aftermath can’t save it, what can?

Photos by AA / Splash News, LA Photo Lab / Splash News