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Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy showed off her thigh meat as she went out for lunch alone in West Hollywood, California on Saturday. The chronically single 49-year-old mother-of-5 is Eddie Murphy's ex-wife. She was rumored to be dating NFL superstar Odell Beckham, Jr. in February.

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Bobby Brown Vivica A Fox

Vivica A Fox and Bobby Brown attended the 2017 Be Beautiful Expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Yandy Smith

Reality TV star Yandy Smith looked stylish red fur while out and about in New York City, Yandy accessorized her red fur coat with a Chanel burgundy bag.

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Former Dru Hill lead singer Sisqo, 38, kicked off the 2017 summer concert series at Go Pool at Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Washed up rapper Tyga kicked off the DayLight Beach Club Grand Opening Weekend with a residency at The Hottest Pool Party Of The Summer, LIT Sunday's in Las Vegas.

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  • Kirenee

    Yandy looks tacky as hell! Sorry but she looks like a cross between a Cookie Lyon fail, a Gypsy and a street worker..... The only thing classy is that bag?

  • Ajavee

    Nicky Murphy looks good.

  • Django the God

    Naw because that's too many shades of red.

  • Django the God

    thigh meat


    That's good fat.

  • Kirenee

    Exactly! She looks like variety box of retired red crayons!

  • Ajavee

    Yes it is;-)

  • Django the God

    Is Sisqo hair brushed back like Billy Dee Williams?

  • Jen_no_juice

    Former Dru Hill lead singer Sisqo, 38,
    That's a hard 38 or I need to revert back to previous post about artist lying about their age

  • Jen_no_juice

    Tyga really got hit songs to have a residency??? Did Kris pay for this spot????

  • guest

    Yandy looks a hawwtt mess!

  • Taylordanes

    I know is she going to a costume party?

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Yandy...*pats seat*...come sit by me and let me tell you bout yourself

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Yandy baby...those heels don't look good on them feets

  • KarmaBackAround

    Seen sisqo last week in concert, he puts on a decent show!

  • KarmaBackAround

    Some of these ladies need leg make up, them dark mosquito bump marks aren't attractive at all!

  • Taylordanes

    sometimes it is related to a disease and people cant help that... if they are worried about others (letting their EGO get to them then yes) but me having a cousin with psoriasis, I understand that sometimes you wanna wear shorts or skirts and not worry about what others think... now if its for a photo shoot thats a different scenario

  • KarmaBackAround

    true ...but a lot of the times, its just tom boy marks or old mosquito bump marks ..u know we all wont beauty queens coming up lol some women just rough on their lil bodies until they hit the age of feelin sexy.. then u look at them legs likeee damn I was rough!

  • Django the God

    Boston Baked Beans


    Yandy are you on drugs? I can't come up with a better excuse for your outfit. She looks like one of them crackheads that be in downtown LA, thinking they fly and what not SMH.

  • Taylordanes

    I get it but still can sympathize I had exzema so bad when I was pregnant with my firsts, I had dark marks all over my legs... it was stressful and until I was like F everyone and how they feel , I was able to wear shorts and stuff....and my baby cousin is a teen so its sad to see !

  • KarmaBackAround

    my husband and I were having this convo the other day about dark spots from pregnancies.. I never experienced it with my boys.. whats it contributed too? one of my cousin's had it really bad also!

  • Taylordanes

    I used to get exzema bad when my period was coming so for me I believe it was hormonal... then I looked at my diet WHEN I got hormonal and eliminated sugar and gluten... it worked for me.. The docs kept trying to give me steroid medicine instead of treating the issue

  • VM

    I was through at she showed off her thigh meat. Lol.

  • VM

    I had to scroll back up. Lol.

  • Chicagowise

    In that harsh sunlight, Nicole's thighs are showing their true age. ?

  • Chicagowise

    Sisqo is only 38 and he's already playing casinos?! Sad. ?He's a talented singer but I think the gay rumors cooked his goose.

  • TheWildChild
  • Renee Bee

    Summer sandals and a rouge monster pelt. NO MA'AM!
    Someone need to do a 5150 well check on Elmo.

  • sherri2016

    Looking at Yandy I'm confused about the temperature also I always loved my Home town group Dry Hill but Sisqo looking a little crazy right now

  • felicia

    What in the hell, Yandy who told you that outfit was cute, smdh! You look like a cross between the Cookie monster and Elmo, with a little cookie Lyons thrown in. Then you dont know if its winter or summer between that ugly ass coat and them sandals . You claim to be a boss you need a stylist stat!!!



  • hottlanta

    April Fool is Friday and Yandy is early.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Vivica Fox looks more like her old self, the older she gets, and depending on her makeup choice. I believe how much more attractive she looks with no makeup or very little from an episode I saw her on LA Hair awhile back! The same for Lil Kim, but they're used to wearing a lot of makeup, I guess!

    Nicole still looks great, just haven't gotten them thighs snatched, they have temporary treatments and diets to greatly diminish the appearance of cellulite that women of all ages struggle with. Nicole looks like IDGAF, all she's done after having what, like five kids, and keeping herself VERY datable in vain azz Hollywood!

    Yandy, no!

    Sisqo, good for him that he's still making a living off of his greatest hits, hopefully, publishing too! 38, well, if true, he's had an incredible life, anyway you look at it!

  • A D N

    Head to toe No to Yandy. But each item would look great with other clothing options. Just not all together. I know somebody had to know this!

  • JanusMaximus

    What did Elmo ever do to Yandy to deserve that?

  • JanusMaximus

    My butt would instinctively swallow my thong and keep walking if Cisqo asked to see it looking like that.

  • JanusMaximus

    She looks more like Jamie Foxx's Wanda character from in living color

  • stav

    Nicole! I love it, even with our cellulite we're still sexy, not looking for approval from anyone! Yandy has no style whatsoever! Sisqo, looks constipated! Tyga , please go away, we know you're living off of your teenage, insecure, plastic surgery project, that's just happy to be getting biracial black peen, with emphasis on black, she certainly wouldn't be interested if he was full Asian!

  • JanusMaximus
  • TheWildChild


  • JanusMaximus

    She doing 50 shades

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    Nicole equals beautiful.

  • GuestSTAR

    Sisiqo doing pool parties now. Yandy looks like she's dressed for Halloween. Love Ms Murphy.

  • Decked Out

    "The chronically single 49-year-old" why was this chosen to describe HER? ((WOW)).
    Yandy looks a HOT Azz Mess. ((Designer clothes or not))

  • MsPam

    Poor Bobby! ???

  • 2brefrank

    Cellulite and Sisqo's pants infuriate me to highest power. But Nicole is killing the game!

  • shortygrape

    Nicole does look good but if she wan't coming or going to the gym, why have on them little asz shorts??? P.U

  • Melissa LeGrand

    where's Kyile? oh yea thats right she's still a teenager

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Washed up rapper. lol

  • Ms.Caramel

    Vivica should go natural.

  • Ms.Caramel

    Cellulite is natural. "People" have made it a struggle.

  • Guest

    Yandy got a lot going on.

  • Tynamight

    Come on, Nicole "thigh meat" Murphy!!!

  • Tynamight

    Babhahahahahaahah! I don't like you right now!


    Great shape and she should write a book on how to keep it moving..... She dont let nothing stop her dating life.
    Can Sisqo still sing.. If he can why isnt he making music anymore that is played?
    Tyga so did that chick kill his brand or what....
    Yandy Coming through with the Fragel Rock coat... She matches.

  • garrisonville

    Nicole betta push thru! Yassss hunty! thigh meat and all.

  • missmiami305

    I don't like Yandy's look

  • TeamTewMurch

    I agree Auntie....Tyga is very washed up. I just wanna know how does he stay booking all these hot gigs!? Who is checking for him & paying to see him!?!? Somebody please answer these questions.... I'm baffled!?

  • MsChocCookie

    Who is Tyga? Can someone donate to a Bobby Brown fix your grill fund? Is that cellulite, on little Ms. Perfect Nicole's thigh? Sisqo needs a make over, that hair is so washed!

  • Ro

    washed up rapper tyga! lol

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    I feel like Yandy trolling us!

  • Quitedeliteful

    The Fragel Rock coat!!! LOLLOLLOL!!!

  • Quitedeliteful

    Natural how, tho? She's neva giving up that hair or makeup...

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    LOLLOLLOL!!! Right on every point!!!

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful


  • Ms.Caramel

    lol, I know. But those fake pony tails sitting on top her head is old.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Now that's true....

  • Michelle

    Nicole Murphy is an attractive woman but there comes a time when even beautiful women need to recognize their flaws and fix them or cover them up.

  • Queen B

    Yandy...bih are u hot or cold ? I never understood why chicks where fur coats but have on sandals

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I was honking the same thing. I'm still trying to figure out where the purple purse comes in to play?!?!. I don't like the look at all

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    Sisqo still wearing the release the dragon outfit lol

  • Bonny

    I had alot to say but I didn't say it. Thank You Jesus.

  • Bonny

    There's so much shit going on in this one post...Nicole looks GOOD.

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

    Nicole looks good ! ? Yandy looks stupid. ? Sisqo looks like K-Ci ready to spiral. ?