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Usher Raymond is apparently telling friends he never met with a fan at an Atlantic City, New Jersey motel 3 years ago. Quantasia Sharpton, the now discredited accuser, is suing the 38-year-old married father-of-2 for exposing her to the herpes simplex virus -- even though they are both reportedly negative for the disease.

Usher is pictured above having lunch with music producer Jermaine Dupri at Alfred Coffee in West Hollywood during a break from recording his upcoming album, which will address the STD scandal.

According to gossip webloid TMZ, Usher has told friends he may have met Sharpton the night of his Atlantic City concert in November 2014, but he never went to the Days Inn motel to have sex with her.

Sharpton, 21, claimed one of Usher's aides took her phone number after Usher spotted her in the crowd at a concert, and they later arranged to meet at her motel. But she alleges Usher never mentioned he had herpes.

According to editors at TMZ a source close to Usher has claimed that he was too busy falling in love with his wife Grace Miguel Raymond at the time of the alleged incident.

The singer told friends that at the time of the alleged encounter he was spending all of his free time with Grace and he had no time for other women.

The insider adds that on the night of the Atlantic City show, the set ran late and the singer had to push back his meet-and-greets until after midnight, which proves he could not have been with Sharpton, who claimed that they were at the hotel around 12 a.m.

Several other accusers have come forward over the past month, including a singer from New Orleans, who alleges the singer infected her with herpes. The woman, identified in a Georgia filing as "Jane Doe", is suing Usher for $20 million.

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    Am i the only one who has had enough of this story?

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    I am so tired of this story if he doesnt have just release your results or something.

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    Beyonce needs to become pregnant again, or those babies need a video of them crawling or walking so the media can stop posting about this nonsense..annoying!

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    First off you wouldn't be screwing me in a Days Inn motel IJS

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    ENOUGH! has been SAID that U S H E R R A Y M O N D does NOT have herpes!

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    So these herpes are Jermaine Dupri's story? Just like I suspected. Just like the Confessions album was about his midget ass confessions. But nobody cares that he impregnanted a stripper while with Janet. Nobody was listening like Karlie Redd when she was singing her doo wop on the corner back in the 1950' he had Ursher sing them. Now he has Ursh singing about his damn crotch blisters.

    I cannot (in my Joseline birthing voice)

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    Well at least if you have Usher slow jams as part of your quiet storm playlist it's a constant reminder to practice safe sex.

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    I need the scandal to hit ASAP...tired of hearing about this

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    Usher better off leakin a pic of the "negative" results his damn self..cuz...this has gone on for too long.

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    That is so stupid to make or base an album off whether or not you have an STD people have lost creativity

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    My Pandora has taken a hit these past few months every time an Usher, Bobby V or R. Kelly (rarely) song comes on I thumbs down smh...

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    Why? If that's the case you might as well abstain from the entire music, sports, movie...hell, entertainment industry period

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    OK this is an publicity stunt. NO way he's just that carefree. Usher got insecurities. This isn't real watch. No way he's so super cool.

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    He need to take his own advise. He cheated on Ms. Jackson.


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    I haven't cared about this story from it first came out and it's still a snoozefest. If you sleep with a hoe expect std's end of . Usher is not the only celeb into raw sex with nasty groupies .

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    Most men cheat it just prounce more because he cheated on Janet Jackson America's entertainment family. Janet was wifey but these hoes sex like their life depends on it because first impressions last. ATL men in the industry love striped clubs it their right of passage

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  • YellowSauce

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    Jermaine seems like a cool dude, he's just not great looking. And, who cheats on Janet Jackson???? Sad. I never understood why she went for him in the first place, but I forgot, women will look past an unattractive man as long as he has some money or good dick. I can't. If I have to look at you, you need to be at least cute and not grossing me out. Call me shallow or whatever, but I'm just keeping it all the way real and being honest. If I'm not ugly, ain't never in life been called ugly, why the hell should I or any other woman have to settle for an ugly gross man??? Not today! I love his show on Lifetime though, The Rap Game.

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