Bella Hadid rushed to the defense of a female photographer who was shoved by her security guard.

The 20-year-old model was swarmed by photogs after she walked in the Michael Kors runway show during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, Sept. 13 in NYC.

In a video clip posted on gossip webloid, Bella is seen walking with her security team to a waiting car, when one bodyguard started shoving photographers out of the way.

The bodyguard’s rough treatment of one lady photog caught Bella’s attention, and she can be heard stating to the guard, “Can you please not touch her!” She then positioned herself between the guard and the woman, asking, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” before turning to security guard and pointing a manicured finger in his face, adding, “Don’t touch her!”

As a former photographer, your auntie knows how HARD photographers work to help make people like Bella famous.

Kudos to Bella!

Photos by NPEx / Splash News