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Screengrab: YouTube

An ex-girlfriend of conservative activist Kingface claims he has AIDS and he allegedly transmitted the virus to her.

She claims she reported him to the health department in November after learning he had unprotected sex with multiple women.

The community activist and Trump supporter, real name Larry Henry, is reportedly in a coma in a New York City hospital. A GoFundMe account raised $69,000 of a $100,000 goal to pay for his hospital expenses.

In a video livestream titled "Surviving Kingface," the woman said she met Kingface on March 13, 2019, and shortly after having sex with him, she began experiencing flu-like symptoms.

She said she tested positive for HIV after experiencing a high fever, hives, and other symptoms.

The woman said she spoke with multiple women who had allegedly unprotected sex with Kingface, who is married.

She said the women are also in relationships with other people and may have unknowingly transmitted the virus to their partners.

"We all believed him. We all loved him. We all still love him," she said.