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The Paul Pelosi “underwear” story has been debunked.

A news reporter who claimed Mr. Pelosi’s attacker wore only underwear has retracted the claim.

KTVU-TV reporter Evan Sernoffsky claimed that David DePape was wearing only his underwear when he violently attacked the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a hammer early Friday.

Sernoffsky retracted the underwear story on Saturday. “I’m now told by other sources that DePape was NOT dressed only in his underwear. Working to clarify.”

Also on Saturday, KTVU-TV posted a correction on its website.

“CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated what clothing the suspect was wearing when officers found him.”

Other credible news outlets that reported the underwear story retracted their articles as well.

The San Francisco Police Department declined to clarify what the two men were wearing when officers arrived at Pelosi’s $6 million townhouse around 2:37 a.m. Friday.

The officers observed the two men struggling with a hammer before DePape grabbed the hammer from Pelosi and struck him in the head with it.

The officers tackled DePape and took him into custody. Mr. Pelosi was rushed into surgery to control bleeding on the brain from a skull fracture.

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On Sunday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Mr. Pelosi engaged DePape for gay sex after meeting him at a gay bar Friday morning.

Musk tweeted a Santa Monica Observer article which claimed Mr. Pelosi was a regular at the gay bar.

Musk wrote in response to Hillary Clinton: “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye.” He has since deleted the tweet.

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In the article, reporter Stan Greene wrote: “As SF’s gay bars closed at 2 am, two gay men met in a bar and went home together. Happens every night in the City by the Bay. Except one of these two men, was married to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

He continued: “I might disappear for telling you the truth. If I do, you’ll all know why. But here’s what really happened early Friday morning in San Francisco. IMHO.”

The Santa Monica Observer has removed the article. Edit: The article is still live on the website.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband live separate lives. She lives in a gated mansion in wine country near Napa Valley, CA. She also owns a 2,325 square foot condominium in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC. The condo is valued at more than $3 million.