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Rochelle Richardson, one-half of Diamond & Silk, is threatening to sue media outlets that reported her sister has COVID.

According to sources, Lynette Hardaway, a.k.a. Diamond (left), was hospitalized over the Thanksgiving holiday after her condition worsened while recovering from Covid-19.

The report was further bolstered by a Nov. 17 Chit Chat Live video that shows Hardaway repeatedly coughing.

On Nov. 26, Richardson took to Twitter and Facebook to plead for prayers for her ailing sister.

“Anyone who believes in the power of prayer please pray for Diamond,” she tweeted.

She wrote the same message on Facebook without providing details about Hardaway’s ailment.

Richardson threatened to sue one media outlet that reported Hardaway was hospitalized with COVID.

She called the report a “complete and utter lie.”

“The story written by Aria Bell @Bellaire_ on @MSN is a complete and utter lie.

You have 24 hours to retract this lie or you will hear from our attorney.

You should know better then to write stories without facts and accurate information!”

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Richardson’s Twitter plea for prayers brought out trolls who took pleasure in her anguish.

Hardaway celebrated her 51st birthday on Nov. 25. Richardson tweeted, “Happy 51st Birthday Diamond. Hope your day is full of peace, love, and joy.”

Photo may have been deleted

Diamond and Silk are best known for their frank commentary as conservative Trump-supporters on YouTube and social media. They became popular during the 2016 presidential elections when former President Donald Trump praised them.

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Trump referred to Diamond and Silk as “a national treasure.”

Watch the video below.