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Former President Barack Obama returned to the White House for the first time since leaving office in 2017.

Obama was received enthusiastically by White House friends and guests after he discussed his Affordable Care Act at Biden's health care event on Tuesday.

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Video that surfaced on Twitter shows Obama surrounded by guests while Biden looks on. Vice President Kamala Harris eagerly introduced Obama to guests while Biden looked on.

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At one point, Biden put his hand on Obama's shoulder and shouted something to get his attention. But Obama continued speaking with White House guests.

"This is so sad," the Republican National Committee captioned a video on Twitter.

"Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden," the RNC captioned another short video clip that shows the president shrugging and glancing around the room as if searching for someone.

The two videos garnered thousands of comments. Many of the commenters expressed sadness and sorrow for the 79-year-old president.

As the videos went viral, Obama took to his Twitter account to praise his former vice president.

"Always great catching up with @POTUS. Thanks for all you're doing to help even more Americans get access to quality, affordable health care," he tweeted on Wednesday.

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Will Smith's assault on comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars has already spawned a copycat incident in Atlanta.

Smith single-handedly destroyed his career when he walked onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock for joking about his wife.

Cell phone video uploaded to on Tuesday by @Glock_Topickz shows rapper Tip "T.I." Harris snatching a female comedienne's mic for joking about his sexual assault allegations.

The incident happened at Our Bar ATL on Edgewood Avenue in southwest Atlanta.

The comedienne, Lauren K, held her own when an outraged T.I. told her to "stop playing wit me!"

She reminded him that "this is my sh*t!" just before he snatched her mic out of her hand. Security guards surrounded them while they talked it out onstage.

Afterwards, Lauren K said the incident unfolded after the "No Mercy" rapper heckled her from the audience and told her to take her wig off. She responded, "I'll take my wig off, when you address those allegations."

T.I., who had his own mic, began yelling at Lauren to stop talking about the allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple women. No charges were ever brought against him.

The enraged rapper verbally abused the aspiring comedienne. At one point he called her a b*tch and ni**a," as boos rained down on him from the crowd.

The 41-year-old Grammy-winning rapper has embarked on a new career as an aspiring comedian. He routinely hones his new craft at comedy shows around Atlanta.

Watch the videos below.

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Kevin Samuels read young Willow Smith's letter to the late Tupac Shakur that recently surfaced online.

Tupac Shakur died from gunshot wounds in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996 — 4 years before Willow was born.

MTO News unearthed a letter Willow wrote to Tupac Shakur when she was just 11 years old.

In the letter, Willow begged 2Pac to come back to life so she and her mom, Jada Pinkett Smith, could be happy.

Samuels read Willow's letter aloud — but not before passing judgment on Will and Jada as parents.

"You could become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, squeaky clean image, women love you around the world — and this is what's going on in your house? Your wife is in love with a dead man," Samuels said in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

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Samuels then read Willow's mournful letter to the deceased rap icon:

"I know you are alive someplace. I think that my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back? Can you come back so me and my mommy can be happy? I wish you were here. I really do."

"Why is Will Smith's daughter writing a letter to Tupac?" Samuels asked. "What is being said in that house to get this little girl - not writing Santa Claus, not writing the Easter Bunny, writing Tupac?

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Rumor has it that Jada and Tupac had a torrid, but brief, love affair. Jada previously denied the rumors.


Issa Rae responded to pregnancy rumors sparked by a "baby bump" video.

According to TMZ, the pregnancy rumors started last week after a video of Rae and Insecure co-star Yvonne Orji showed Rae wearing a skintight outfit that accentuated her bloated midriff.

Rae was holding a glass of wine in the video, which prompted a plethora of criticism from social media users concerned that Rae was drinking while pregnant.

"I am not pregnant, fuckyouverymuch," Rae tweeted on Wednesday. "LET A BITCH EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY."

Eurweb reports the video footage was shot last Friday at the Kennedy Center in D.C., where Rae was hosting a festival for Black creatives.

Fans speculated that Rae may have been annoyed because she and Louis Diame struggled to start a family for over a decade. Rae and Diame wed in July of 2021.

Rae, 37, is best known for her web series Insecure. She launched her career on YouTube with web series Awkward Black Girl in 2011.

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A police officer in a small town southeast of Atlanta, Ga. has resigned after a utility worker filmed him receiving oral sex from a woman.

Video posted online by TikTok user Dillon Cole shows former Millen Police Officer Larry "Benjamin" Thompson standing behind an SUV, in full uniform, while being serviced by an unknown female.

Thompson's patrol unit is nearby, the driver's side door is wide open as if he was in a hurry.

The video was taken by utility worker Cole from atop a telecommunications tower in a cemetery in Millen on March 20. "Police caught on cam!!!" Cole captioned the video.

The video was viewed by over 16 million people.

Thompson resigned from the police force a day after the video was shared on TikTok. It was just the latest in a string of incidents and infractions by Thompson that led to his resignation.

via -- In 2019, local outlet WRDW-TV reported that Thompson T-boned a car while going 86 miles per hour in Millen, a small town of 3,500 roughly 75 miles northwest of Savannah, while rushing to a crime scene, killing a 76-year-old man driving the vehicle.

In 2017, Thompson shot another officer in the arm in what an incident report calls an 'accidental discharge.' According to the filing, Thompson claimed he was cleaning his gun when it got jammed and went off.

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The Ukrainian "reporter" who was slapped by Oscar winner Will Smith in 2012 recalled the incident on Instagram last night.

Vitalii Sediuk took to Instagram after Smith slapped fire out of Chris Rock's mouth for joking about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's hair loss.

Sediuk captioned a video: "But @willsmith practiced on me first, only to perfrom [sic] his slap at the Oscars."

Sediuk is a prankster who pretended to be a reporter on the red carpet at the Moscow, Russia premiere of Men In Black III in 2012.

As Smith walked the red carpet at the event, Sediuk asked him for a hug, but he went in for a kiss instead.

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Smith was shocked and slapped the guy on the chin before security escorted him down the red carpet.

"Hey, man, what the hell is your problem?" Smith could be heard saying as he stormed off. "He tried to kiss me on my mouth."

Smith later explained the incident to David Letterman, who asked him why he "beat up a guy who was trying to hug" him.

"I didn't beat up a guy!" Smith said. "He says, 'I'm your biggest fan, can I have a hug?' So I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in and kiss me!"

Sediuk apologized to Smith, but he was later fired by a Ukraine TV station for harassing other American stars – including trying to kiss Brad Pitt, who got a restraining order against him.

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Will Smith lost his cool and slapped presenter Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscar Awards live telecast on Sunday night.

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The A-list actor won his first ever Best Actor Oscar for his performance in "King Richard", but his big achievement was marred when he slapped the Oscar Awards presenter earlier in the evening.

Smith shed tears before apologizing for slapping Rock. "Love will make you do crazy things," he said.

The incident unfolded after Rock cracked a "G.I. Jane" joke about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia, Smith defended his wife's honor by slapping Rock's face.

Rock was momentarily stunned, but he recovered quickly.

"Wow! Wow! Will Smith just smacked the sh*t out of me!" Rock told the stunned audience.

Will sat back down in the front row and yelled, "Keep my wife's name out your f****ing mouth!"

Rock responded, "Wow, dude. It was a G.I. Jane joke."

Smith repeated his warning: "Keep my wife's name out your f****ing mouth!"

"I'm going to, OK?" Rock told the furious actor.

Below is the censored version seen on American TV and the uncensored version that was seen around the world.

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Director Tyler Perry (right) shared some advice and encouraging words with Smith afterwards.

VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

Twitter users guessed that Smith really wanted to slap Laverne Cox for being messy and bringing up his wife's entanglement at the 2022 SAG Awards last month. But Smith played it cool and, instead, took out his frustration on Rock.

Cox made the situation worse by refusing to apologize to the Smiths the next day.

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Rapper Drake and NBA star LeBron James surprised a high school basketball player and his mother with $100,000 in cash.

Drake and LeBron invited Michael Evbagharu and his mother to Harbour 60 restaurant in Toronto, where they gifted them the cash.

Drake has given cash to fans from his earnings on the cryptocurrency betting platform Stake.

"Anytime I get blessed like that, I always think it's good karma that needs to be transferred," Drake says in a video on his Instagram page. "So, I play for fun and I play in hopes that I can spread love always."

In the video, Drake is seen handing the stacks of cash to Evbagharu's mother.

"On behalf of me and my brother [LeBron] and Stake, we wanted to give you this, it's $100,000," Drake says. "Hopefully it makes this journey a little easier."

Evbagharu's mother gave both men hugs and asked LeBron if this is "a dream."

Evbagharu, who attends James's basketball foundation, was also gifted with a new pair of Drake's Nocta sneakers.

Watch the video below.

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A viral video shows an illegal skimming overlay on a card reader at a 7-Eleven store on Shaw Avenue in Fresno, California.

The skimming device was discovered by Twitter user Joseph Harris who uploaded the video online. "Be careful, y'all," Harris says in the video as he lifts the illegal device from a card reader.

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A skimmer is designed to capture credit/debit card information and PIN numbers at bank ATMs, department stores, gas stations and convenience stores.

Sgt. Martin VanOverbeek with the Fresno Police Department's Financial Crimes Unit says some skimming devices "have the ability to store the info and connect via Bluetooth while parked outside to download the skimmed card info."

He said the skimming device at the 7-Eleven is "one of the more sophisticated overlay devices out there."

Once the criminals get your card and PIN numbers, they go on shopping sprees and drain your bank account.

The 7-Eleven employees told police they did not install the device over the card reader.

Sgt. VanOverbeek believes them:

"Despite some of the negative comments on the business/employees, it is highly unlikely they knew the device was present," he tells Fox26 News. "What has happened in the past is the clerk is distracted by another suspect asking to see something behind the counter or in the back of the store while the overlay is installed on a functional Point Of Sale (POS) device by a second suspect."

He said it only takes seconds to install the devices when employees aren't looking. Later, they return to the store to remove the device and collect the data on it.

Twitter users offered tips on how to detect a skimming device on a card reader. Some of the tips include tapping the device to see if it sounds like cheap plastic. And feel around the card reader for loose parts.


A Ciara fan encounter video sparked rumors that the mom of three is pregnant with her fourth child.

In a video, TikTok user @lolaloveu5 complimented Ciara on her amazing vocals and her glowing skin. "But you're so beautiful. You just be shining," the fan said, referencing the glow that pregnant women usually have.

Amy Sussman/FilmMagic

Another TikTok user, @almondmilkfairy, asked @lolaloveu5 if Ciara was pregnant.

"Wait, when was this taken? I didn't know she's currently pregnant?" To which @lolaloveu5 responded, "A day ago! I just found out too."


After the rumor spread like wildfire online, @lolaloveu5 clarified, "In my defense, I didn't even see she was pregnant. When I said I just found out it cuz y'all pointed it out to me. I had no bad intentions."

The Denver Post via Getty Images

The rumors came weeks after Ciara's husband Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks.

It seems Ciara is hesitant to expand her family because she turns 37 in October. Doctors warn that pregnant women over 35 are high-risk and their unborn babies may face complications.

Watch the video below.

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A Texas woman went viral over the weekend when she tweeted about her son's father, who was released from prison after serving 18 years.

The woman, whose Twitter handle is @KalitafromMemphis, wrote:

"My oldest son dad been locked up since he was six months old my son is now 18. His dad has been home for almost a year now, when he first got home he promised he would buy my son his first car."

She continued:

"he made me promise that I would not intervene and allow him the time to get my son a car I agreed very reluctantly. If you know me and my kids you know they are spoiled and I'm OK with that but I wanted to give this man that opportunity."

"My son father has worked two jobs, paid off his parole and probation fees, got on his feet, and after driving for a day and a half stops included he will be here in 30 minutes with my son's first car. It does my heart a lot of good to know that he kept his promise."

The story had the potential to go left, but it has a happy ending. Her baby daddy kept his word and bought his son a car!

Kalita posted a video of her baby daddy delivering the vehicle to their son.

The other man in the video is her ex's twin brother. He was there over the years to help raise both boys while his brother was locked up.

Even though a woman can't raise a boy to be a man, Kalita is clearly a devoted mom who put her sons first and made sure their dads were in their lives. She is an inspiration to boy moms everywhere!

Check out the comments below, and make sure you have a box of Kleenex on hand.

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A man with excellent evasive driving skills foiled an attempted carjacking - and you won't believe how he did it.

The incident happened on February 26 in an unknown location. Dash cam video shows a car blocking the motorist's vehicle on a 2-lane roadway. Four men piled out of the car and two gunmen ran toward the motorist and opened fire.

The quick-thinking motorist, who was blocked in on both sides, gunned his accelerator and nearly ran over two of the hapless carjackers.

The motorist's car sustained front end damage, but he got away safely.

Check out the harrowing video below.

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Retired NBA star Paul Pierce went viral this week in a raunchy Instagram video with his 20-something girlfriend, Sophia Elizabeth.

The video was uploaded to Twitter and can be viewed here.

In the video, 44-year-old Pierce and Elizabeth are seen kissing before she turns to the camera and says, "He's mine now b---h."

It isn't clear who she's speaking to.

"You said you were going to make it official," Pierce can be heard telling Elizabeth, who then says, "We are official right now."

Pierce also shared a boomerang selfie of Sophia on his Instagram Story and tagged Elizabeth in the post.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Pierce is still married to his long-suffering wife Julie (Landrum) Pierce, and they share two daughters, Adrian and Prianna, and a son, Prince.

It won't be long before Internet sleuths uncover more info on Elizabeth's history with other industry ballers.

Currently, she has only 5,300 followers on Instagram.

She was briefly linked to actor Taye Diggs last year.

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Mimi Faust (center) says she's "dodging bullets" after her fiancee, former WNBA player Tamera "Ty" Young (right) was spotted booed up with another woman.

Mimi is best known as a cast member alongside her then-boyfriend Stevie J on VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Mimi and Stevie J share a 12-year-old daughter named Eva.

Gabrielle Union Book Tour After Party

Prince Williams/ATL Pics

Mimi got engaged to Ty Young, who briefly played for the Atlanta Dream.

Prince Williams/WireImage

Meanwhile, Stevie J moved on with LHHATL co-star Joseline Hernandez (right).

Mimi and Ty went their separate ways in March 2021, but they reunited. Mimi, 50, and Ty, 35, announced their engagement on Instagram in January 2022.

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According to theJasmineBrand, Ty was caught cheating on Mimi with former Connecticut Sun teammate DiJonai Carrington, 24.

Dijonai was spotted in a video with her arms around Ty's waist at a Kandi Burruss event in L.A.

Mimi responded to the video with a "Matrix" meme stating she's "dodging bullets."

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Earlier today, Mimi took to Instagram and advised herself to "Breathe and remember who the f**k you are."

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TikTok influencer Pearl Maynor found the love of her dreams in prison.

Pearl met "Paul" while he was serving a 15-year sentence behind bars. Through letters exchanged over several months, the two lovebirds grew closer.

When he was released after 15 years, Pearl was there waiting for him at the prison gates.

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According to MTO News, Pearl was a teacher with a masters degree, who earned a six-figure salary. She quit her stable job to become a successful travel blogger. But the only thing missing in her life was a good man.

Pearl found the man of her dreams in Paul, who has never cheated on her. Tey eventually married soon after he became a free man.

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Pearl went viral after posting videos and photos of her husband being lavished with pedicures and shopping sprees.

Dr. Phil says women who love men behind bars have low-self esteem. However, Pearl says she is a confident woman who knows a good man when she sees one.

Some women prefer ex-convicts who just completed a 15+ year sentence because they are guaranteed to be single when they get out.