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Thousands of pot smokers who planned to celebrate 420 day in America today are no longer with us. The Coronavirus has claimed the lives of thousands of smokers, including many weed smokers who planned to light up in celebration of the herb today.

Bay Area rapper E-40 issued a warning for locals on Friday, cautioning them to avoid crowds, stay home and continue to shelter in place on 420 day.

"It's 420 coming up and I really want you all to stay in," said E-40 in a video tweeted by San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

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"We all love 420, we all do, you know what I mean? But don't disobey the game. Right now the game need us," he said.

"It's the real deal," said E-40, adding that he personally knows pot smokers who are battling the virus.

"Let's let that thing get by so we can get on with the rest of our lives. It's gotta be canceled this year."

The rapper is the latest celebrity recruited by lawmakers to convince Black people to stay home during the pandemic.

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Houston singer Beyonce made a surprise appearance during Lady Gaga's One World: Together at Home special on Friday to benefit the World Health Organization after the U.S. cut $500 million in funding.

The mother of three discussed how the coronavirus is affecting Black people.

"Black Americans disproportionately belong to these essential parts of the workforce that do not have the luxury of working from home. African American communities at large have been severely affected in this crisis," she said.

"Those with pre-existing conditions are at an even higher risk. This virus is killing black people at an alarmingly high rate here in America. A recent report in my home city, Houston, Texas, showed that of COVID-19 deaths within Houston city limits, 57 per cent of fatal cases are African American."