Loyal reader Randi wrote:

I'm a democrat, but I believe in being fair. I read your site on a regular basis and while reading your Obama/Hitler post, I noticed a few commenters who said no one did that to former President Bush. However, if they did their research before typing, they'd know that the SAME EXACT GROUP also referred to him (Bush) as Hitler with the posters and everything, also. I saw it just now on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" during his opening segment tonight. You should try finding it on Youtube and post it for the naysayers and non-believers.

I voted for President Obama and support him for the most part (as I try to do with all Presidents until they prove they don't deserve it), but people go overboard with the whining about how he's being treated differently when, oftentimes, he's not. As they love to post "Let google be your friend"