Normally I ignore British singer Amy Winehouse's uncontrollable temper tantrums, but yesterday was different. Instead of going off on a drug and alcohol fueled tirade against fans and paparazzi, sober Amy swore and spit on a child -- yes, a child.

According to INF Daily blog, an enraged Amy Winehouse stormed into a North London school ranting and raving at a kid who was bullying her bi-racial goddaughter Dionne Bromfield (pictured below).

Amy caught up with the bully inside the shcool and began swearing and eventually spitting on the child. The altercation continued outside the school, where, witnesses say the 26-year-old former addict began hurling abuse at the child's fellow students, who we assume came to her defense.

The tirade ended when a concerned onlooker (a parent, maybe) stepped between Amy and the children. How embarrassing for Amy and her goddaughter. By the way, doesn't Dionne have parents who could have handled that situation for her at the school?


Has Amy Winehouse decided to abandon sickly looking rocker types for rugged, hunky brothas with bad hairdos? It looks that way according to these pics taken outside a London pub on August 6. Winehouse can be seen in the arms of a member of her entourage who seems to be going in for a kiss.

Or maybe he's just congratulating Amy on being allowed back in the United States again. If you recall, Amy was banned form touring in the United States due to all her legal troubles in London involving a pot bust and other charges. But now that she has been cleared of those charges, the ban has been lifted and Amy is free to travel stateside and perform as long as she doesn't get busted again.

Maybe a brotha can help turn her life around, and maybe she can give him some tips of a new hairstyle.

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Thanks to RAZZI, my stylish friend who runs the urban fashion blog She did a little research and found a link to one of Tank's other baby mama's, a radio DJ named Alysse Stewart who holds the midday spot at WBAV in Greenville, South Carolina. This is the other name dropped by my loyal reader truth08 in a comment in an earlier post on Tank.

Razzi points out that Alysse conveniently posted an interview with her baby daddy Tank on her website.

Meanwhile, another reader emailed me to suggest that maybe truth08 is one of the other women in Tank's life. Who knows. I'm just happy that Amy Winehouse is finally in rehab.