This is what rapper Li'l Wayne will look like in 5 years after he runs out of real estate on his scarecrow thin frame for any more tattoos, er, excuse me, body art.

I heard that actress Lauren London was the latest to push out a baby for the rapper last week. They say the baby boy was born with a tattoo that read "Why me, Lord?"

Lil Wayne will dread making all these babies in 5 years when he's washed up and broke.

Singer and TV personality Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, of Tiny & Toya Show on BET, is very upset at malicious rumors going around that she is seeing boxer Floyd Mayweather on the low while her man, rapper T.I. is incarcerated.

Tiny's mom, Diane Pope, reached out to to let my readers know that the stories are all false. She said, "please don't believe those lies! Tiny loves T.I. They email each other every single day and she sees him every weekend. In fact, she's on her way to the airport now to go visit him."

She also said Mayweather "definitely did NOT" attend Tiny's recent birthday celebration in Atlanta. Tiny also had a private dinner for family and friends that night, and he wasn't there either. Tiny does not know Mayweather other than in passing.

Tiny keeps herself very busy with her daughter's group the OMG Girls. Zonnique and Tiny are recording in T.I.'s home studio every night and her days are filled with rehearsals and other OMG-related activities. She doesn't have time on her hands for other men. And please believe that all eyes are on Tiny. She couldn't cheat if she wanted to!

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NFL star (and beau of Antonia "Toya" Carter) James Hardy writes:

I am shocked and disappointed by people's efforts to destroy my character. I am a God-fearing man, and I would never place my hands on the mother of my child or my son. In fact, my son has been an inspiration to me and to my accomplishments and I hold deep respect for my former girlfriend for raising my son. As in many relationships, my ex-girlfriend and I had an argument that was blown out of proportion. My ex-girlfriend called the police and I was arrested. As a student athlete, I did not have the money to defend myself in a criminal trial; therefore, I agreed to take part in a six-month diversion program.

As a result, the charges were dismissed and at the hearing on June 13, 2007, my ex-girlfriend recanted her statements and testified that she phoned 911 in an effort to "get at" me for the problems we were having in the relationship at the time. During the time of the incident, our relationship was being affected due to my hectic athletic schedule.This incident took place three years ago when I was a college student at Indiana University.

Currently, I am a professional athlete who realizes that children look up to me and that I have a duty to conduct myself appropriately. As partners in parenting, my ex-girlfriend and I maintain an amicable relationship. I have moved on and am happy with my life. Despite the negative media coverage, I am striving to achieve my maximum potential in life and focus on my career.

The following is a link to an article about the incident that occurred three years ago involving my ex-girlfriend [scroll to bottom of page].

James Hardy

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Reality TV personalities Antonia "Toya" Carter, left, and Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, right, with their friend Kandi Burrus (RHOA), center

Reality TV stars Tiny & Toya flew back to Atlanta from the west coast yesterday where they attended the 2009 BET Awards.

The ladies only had time to put their kids to bed, change and freshen up their makeup before heading out to Straits restaurant where friends and fans gathered to watch the premiere of their show which debuted on BET last night.

The ratings aren't in yet, but the show was a huge success at Ludacris' restaurant, according to those who attended.  Photos by

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Shawnte Wells has died after being taken off life support, according to a family member. Wells was shot by her boyfriend, David Price, 30, who drove to a Jonesboro cemetery where he turned the gun on himself.

Price's body was found lying near his mother's grave. When police went to his home to notify his next of kin, they found Wells suffering from a single gunshot wound to the head. She was transported to the hospital where she remained in critical condition without ever regaining consciousness.

She was 25-years-old. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the family.