From Jay Arias:

Good Day,

As you probably know I have a friend that was put into a coma on December 25, 2007. Many of you have inquired of his condition via email, in person & some have called. I want to let those know I really appreciate your thoughtful words & concerns but this battle is still going. Unfortunately he is still in coma & it has really bothered me that I can't do anything physically for him but continue to pray & affirm his quick recovery. My friend Amber mentioned a few weeks back to gather all his friends & family on a certain day & time for prayer but this is not easy due to everyone's schedule. After some careful thought I want to make Tuesday, January 29, 2008 THE DARIUS MILLER & FAMILY NATIONAL PRAYER DAY.I know most on my list do not know him but I ask you join us because prayer is real. Despite your religion prayer never fails. I ask everyone that reads this please forward to your family, friends & coworkers. Life is real people. It will only take about 60 seconds of your time tomorrow.

Thank you in advance,

Jay Arias

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