Well, he's not in cuffs yet, but he soon will be. Remember Jay Z protege Beanie Sigel? I know, it's been that long since he had a hit. The old geezer is now pushing 40 like Jigga. Anyway, a judge signed a warrant for his arrest in Burlington County on Monday.

The judge wants a word with the rapper, real name Dwight Grant, because he failed to appear before him on a... wait for it... drug possession charge. The 35-year-old South Philly native was busted last month for possession of weed during a traffic stop in Wrightstown.

According to Philly.com, Sigel is no stranger to a jail cell:

In recent years, Sigel has been to prison on charges related to weapons, parole violations, and failure to make child-support payments. In 2007, prosecutors dropped charges against the rapper for keeping a rental car nearly two months past its due date, after someone else returned the car.