Birthday party invitation hoax

The liberal, left wing, anti-Christian blog Huffington Post fell victim to yet another anti-gay hoax.

Last week, a New York radio show published a birthday party invitation with a note scribbled by "a homophobic mom" telling two gay dads that her son, Tommy, would not attend their daughter's birthday party.

"Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do," the mom supposedly wrote on the invite. But the invitation turned out to be a stunt created by New York FM radio station K 98.3.

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If your health insurance plan was canceled thanks to President Obama's problematic ObamaCare law, you may qualify for a "catastrophic" insurance plan available through the insurance exchanges in your state.

The White House announced the new changes on its blog on Thursday. Some critics called the announcement "legislation by blog."

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Chris Brown and mother Joyce Hawkins

Chris Brown, 23, was raised by a deeply religious woman: his mother, Joyce Hawkins. So when Brown posted one of his Jesus paintings on Instagram -- comparing himself to Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection -- I'm told his mother went ballistic.

In response to his mother's rejection, which hurt him deeply, and the public's constant criticism of every move he makes, Brown deleted his Instagram page yesterday. But not before, once again, blaming others for his problems.

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For those of you still on the social networking microblog (I know, it's dying slowly), here's a summary of what really happened to one of your favorite delusional Twitter personalities who pretended to be a light skinned pretty boy homosexual on Twitter (in reality he's a self-hating, dark skinned bruvah).

His "followers" woke up one day to discover that his life (and by extension, theirs) was a fraud and now his Twitter page, facebook, Tumblr account and gmail are all deleted.

One of his followers was so moved by the loss of his online fantasy crush, that he wrote this blog:

When I found out that the hilarious, sweet, understanding, endearing, cool ass mofo I had known as @gayshitgoeshere was some constructed alter-ego, I was a bit disappointed. I’m certainly not going to lose sleep over him, and you won’t find me at the bottom of the Charles River, but I do feel a bit jipped. And I have every got damn right to feel the way I do. I followed @gayshitgoeshere’s blog, laughed with him, he checked in on me when I was sick, and I got worried about him when his hoopty broke down. I didn’t know him, but I liked the guy, or least who I thought he was.

So imagine my surprise when my timeline suddenly gets flooded with folks discussing how he had been lying all along. All those stories about dinner at his parents’ house, him tweeting while hugged up with his boo, everything was a lie. I know this is the internet. I know that I don’t really know many people on Twitter. I know that people are deceitful and that Twitter is the perfect venue for people to construct fictitious versions of themselves. But, I also know that I’m real on Twitter, that my tweets are a TRUE reflection of who I am, what I’m about. I have no suspect motives, and I’m not looking for away to morph into a different person. So, is it crazy to think that I might assume that many of you are operating under the same premises, that many of you might be, what’s the word, umm, genuine? Nah, not really. Read More...

All day yesterday I received angry emails from my loyal readers wanting me to put a certain site on blast for reportedly disrespecting one of our most respected and loved poets - Maya Angelou. Allegedly, this site referred to Ms. Angelou in a post titled "H* sit down."

First of all, I warned you guys about that site last year. At the time I told you that, unlike FUBU, that site is not by us or for us.

Yet you continually supported that site even when it referred to us as b*tches and h*s. Apparently it was ok for them to continually degrade our sistas and ridicule our culture, so why is it a problem now? Hmmm?

Personally I don't visit sites that degrade black women. When they call one of us a b*tch or a h*, they are referring to all of us. Respect yourself first if you want others to respect you.