Beyonce Criticized for Using Audio from Challenger Disaster

Pageant singer Beyonce is under fire for using the voice of now-retired NASA public affairs officer Steve Nesbitt, who described the 1986 Challenger Shuttle disaster as it broke apart in the skies over Florida. Challenger exploded 73 seconds after lift off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Jan. 28, 1986. The explosion killed all seven crew members on board, including Christa McAuliffe, a civilian school teacher who was along for the ride.

Beyonce and her song writers carelessly included the audio clip as the intro to her song "XO" off her controversial self-titled album.

Family and friends of the Challenger crew, including former and current astronauts, are outraged that Beyonce used the audio as an obvious publicity stunt on her album.

When will she learn?

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