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Angela Stanton-King's male-to-female child, Jaybz, took aim at her on social media after the death of his father, aspiring rapper Decatur Slim.

Justin Cody, 39, was shot to death and set on fire in an abandoned vehicle during a violent NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta.

Cody fathered Jaybz with Stanton-King, and now Jaybz is speaking out against his mother.

"That was the only good parent I had, and he's gone now," said Jaybz, referring to Cody.

As the tears flowed, Jaybz said Cody "was the only family I had" and he wasn't on speaking terms with his mother.

Stanton-King responded angrily at her child for turning his back on the person "that sacrificed for you."

She wondered how Jaybz was so close to his father when the rapper was recently released from a federal penitentiary.

"He got locked up when you was 10 years old. He just came home last year -- now he dead. How is he the only person you ever had?"

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Photo may have been deleted

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Author Angela Stanton-King announced her baby daddy, Decatur Slim, was killed.

Justin Cody, 39, was reportedly shot to death during a violent NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta.

Stanton-King, who ran unsuccessfully for the late John Lewis' congressional seat, wrote on Instagram: "These lame ass niggas in Atlanta just killed my sons father. @realdecaturslim."

Cody was an aspiring rapper who worked with major labels such as Grand Hustle in Atlanta. He was best known for his rap singles "No Kizzy."

Cody was convicted in 2014 on income tax fraud charges. Cody, then 33, and Aeshia Wilmore, then 25, were arrested and charged with using stolen identities to claim more than $600,000 in fraudulent tax returns.

On April 28, 2014, Cody was sentenced to serve seven years and three months in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $150,329.

Photo may have been deleted

After his release from prison, Cody returned to the recording studio, saying he hoped to "bring gangsta back."

"My name represents the energy of everybody from the old Atlanta from the eastside," he told Dirty South Hip-Hop.

"I started rapping in 2011 but I took a 7-year hiatus in the Feds and now I'm back with a lot of sh-t I experienced and something relevant to say."

Stanton-King, 44, was pardoned by then-President Donald Trump in 2020 for her 2004 conviction in Phaedra Parks' vehicle-theft ring.

She made headlines last month for rejecting her male-to-female son in a series of posts on Twitter.

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