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A health expert says Covid-19 will be around forever and people should "get used to" taking endless booster vaccines per year.

Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant said booster vaccines will be forever because the coronavirus will mutate very year just like the flu.

"We need to get used to being vaccinated with COVID vaccines for the future," she said. "I can't see COVID is not going to be with us forever."

She continued:

"As a public health doctor we always want to have diseases go, um, get totally eliminated, but that is not on the horizon in the near future. Booster doses and repeat doses will be part of it...

"I can assure you that the commonwealth government has purchased large quantities of vaccine into 2022 and this will be a regular cycle of vaccination and revaccination as we learn more about when immunity wanes."

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Dr. Chant also claimed that natural immunity is not as effective as immunity conferred by the vaccines.

Australia has imposed the most restrictive covid-19 guidelines in the world via lockdowns for the unvaccinated and fines of up to $11,000.

Police reportedly shot stray dogs to prevent spreading the virus because the Covid virus, SARS-CoV-2, originated from animal reservoir and can infect numerous animal species.

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A man suffered erectile dysfunction after getting the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine. The unidentified man's wife reported he suffered the adverse event shortly after receiving the mRNA vaccine.

"My man hasn't been able to have an erection since he took the vaccine. At first I was teasing him but when I saw how distressed it made him I realized that its [sic] serious. We are going for professional consultation today. Hoping for a positive outcome."

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According to goodrx.com, Covid-19 has been linked to erectile dysfunction (ED) in research studies. However, there isn't enough research to prove whether Covid-19 vaccines can cause ED.

"COVID-19 can cause swelling and inflammation in the penis. It can also damage blood vessels and lower or prevent blood from reaching tissues and organs. If blood can’t reach your penis, having an erection will be more difficult."

A small study cited by goodrx.com reports that men infected with the coronavirus had lower testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels can lead to ED.
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Other risk factors for ED include obesity, age, high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, mental illness, and diabetes.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database doesn't show any reports of ED.

The data may not be available because some men are embarrassed to report their inability to get it up after taking the vaccines.

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Over 20,000 people turned out to see former President Donald Trump at his "Save America" rally in Cullman, Alabama on Saturday, Aug. 21.

But the massive crowd turned on Trump when he encouraged them to take the experimental mRNA vaccine days after Cullman declared a Covid-19 emergency.

They cheered when Trump suggested it was okay not to take the vaccine.

"You know what? I believe totally in your freedoms," the former President said. "You gotta do what you have to do."

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Then things took a nasty turn when Trump urged the maskless crowd to take the vaccine.

"But, I recommend take the vaccines. I did it. It's good! Take the vaccines," he said.

"Naw, that's okay. That's all right. You got your freedoms. But I happened to take the vaccine," he said as the crowd booed.

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The boos turned to laughter when Trump said "If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know."

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, only 32.5% of the state's population has been fully vaccinated.

Trump received the vaccine back in January despite being immune to Covid-19. Trump and his wife, Melania, contracted Covid-19 and he was briefly hospitalized.

Earlier in the evening, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) was booed when he suggested Trump supporters should stop being "despondent" over Trump's election loss and move on to the next election.

"Look forward, look forward, look forward," he said.


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The Rev. Jesse Jackson and his wife, Jacqueline, were hospitalized in Chicago after testing positive for Covid-19.

Both Jackson, 79, and his wife Jacqueline, 77, received Covid-19 mRNA vaccines in January, and are fully vaccinated.

They join millions of people who tested positive or fell ill with Covid-19 after receiving the vaccines. A small percentage of those people required hospitalization or died.
Researchers say the vaccines do not cause the Covid-19 virus to mutate into variants.

In July, the CDC released alarming data that shows around 35,000 vaccinated people reported symptoms from Delta variant infections each week.

The list of celebrities, athletes, and lawmakers who contracted the Delta variant after receiving the vaccines is growing longer by the day.

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    The so-called "breakthrough cases" are worrisome to researchers. Breakthrough infections caused by the less lethal but highly contagious Delta variant signaled to the CDC that "The war has changed."

    Some merchants and retailers have banned fully vaccinated people from their stores due to fears that they are "shedding" the virus and infecting the unvaccinated.
    The messenger RNA vaccine works by instructing your immune cells to produce spike proteins that would normally be produced by the Covid-19 virus.

    Ideally, vaccine-induced spike proteins cause an immune response that hunts and destroys the virus.

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    However, Covid-19 also has spike proteins -- those red spikes that you see on the surface of the virus in this illustration.

    Covid uses its spike proteins to latch onto ACE2 receptors to enter human cells and cause infections.

    Our God-given immune system blocks Covid's spikes from attaching to ACE2 receptors, thus preventing infections.

    Natural immunity last longer than man-made antibodies, which, according to the CDC, only last 6-8 months before wearing off.

    Studies show spike proteins harm cells by causing inflammation and vascular endothelial damage. There have been multiple reports of blood clots and cardiac inflammation, particularly in teenagers.

    The CDC and World Health Organization received extensive safety data from vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna that shows millions of doses given with no significant side effects.

    Pfizer and Moderna insists their vaccine-induced spike proteins do not cause harm because the vaccine is administered in the deltoid (arm) muscle where the muscle cells take up the mRNA to produce spike proteins.

    Health experts downplay reports that vaccine-induced spike proteins cause blood clots in the heart, lungs or blood vessels.

    According to the CDC about 49% of Americans are fully vaccinated. 60% of Americans have received at least one vaccine dose.

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    Americans who received 2 doses of Covid-19 messenger RNA vaccines are no longer "fully vaccinated," according to new guidance from the CDC.

    The CDC announced Wednesday, Aug. 18, that a third dose of the experimental mRNA vaccine will be available for immunosuppressed individuals starting the week of September 20.

    The third dose, called "booster" shots, are necessary, according to the CDC, because data submitted by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shows the vaccine's effectiveness wears off after 6-8 months.
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    A reporter asked at a video press conference on Wednesday, "What will it mean to be fully vaccinated once people are eligible for boosters? Will it be two shots or three shots?"

    Surgeon General Vivek Murthy responded:

    "Our recommendation, down the line, again pending the advice and the review of the FDA..., is that we believe that that third dose will ultimately be needed to provide the fullest and continual extent of protection that we think people will need for the virus."

    Prior to Wednesday, the definition of "fully vaccinated" meant two doses of mRNA vaccine or one shot of the J&J "dead virus" vaccine.

    The booster shots will be available for immunocompromised individuals first in mid-September. Then it will become available to health care workers, nursing home residents and the elderly who got the first 2 doses.

    The general population who received the first 2 doses will be eligible to receive the third booster shot in late September or early October, pending full approval by the FDA.

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    Thousands of fake Covid-19 vaccine cards are flooding the streets of America as more local and state governments announce vaccine mandates.

    A Chicago-based pharmacist was arrested on Tuesday for selling more than 100 counterfeit vaccine cards on eBay.com.

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    And federal agents seized more than 3,000 counterfeit vaccine cards that arrived at a Memphis port in a shipment from China.

    Michael Neipert, Area Port Director of Memphis, said:

    "If you do not wish to receive a vaccine, that is your decision. But don't order a counterfeit, waste my officer's time, break the law, and misrepresent yourself.

    "When you order a fake vaxx card, you are using my officers time as they also seize fentanyl and methamphetamines."

    The FBI has warned people that "buying, selling, or using a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination card is a crime."

    In an effort to crack down on counterfeit cards, local health officials in NY City are providing restaurants, retailers and gym owners with instructions on how to spot fake vaxx cards.

    The action comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a ban on unvaccinated people in restaurants, stores and gyms.

    People with at least one mRNA vaccine dose in their arms are not considered unvaccinated.

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    The Biden Administration is recommending Covid-19 mRNA booster shots for all Americans eight months after they are fully vaccinated.

    The recommendation will apply to those who received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA injections, not the one-shot J&J "dead virus" vaccine.

    Pfizer and Moderna claim the antibodies "wear off" 3-6 months after receiving their mRNA vaccines. Some Americans will require three or more mRNA injections per year.

    The healthy human immune system stimulates antibodies that last a lifetime.

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    Health officials plan to announce the booster recommendations later this week and begin administering the booster shots in mid-September after full FDA approval.

    Among the first recipients of the booster shots will be nurses, doctors and other front-line workers, nursing home residents and the elderly.

    Last week, the FDA approved mRNA booster shots for immunosuppressed individuals, including organ transplant recipients and HIV/AIDS patients.

    People who are at high-risk for contracting the SARS-Cov-2 virus include those with preexisting conditions, such as cardiac and respiratory problems, cancer, HIV/AIDS, smokers and people with weak immune systems.

    The SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) virus causes flu-like symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea, headache and sore throat.

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    Some Covid-19 patients have reported loss of taste and smell after contracting the coronavirus. Doctors say the virus binds to neurotransmitter sensory cells that send signals to the brain.

    Question: Do you plan to get the Covid mRNA booster shot?

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    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla blames the Russians for low vaccination rates among Black Americans and other minorities.

    Just 27% of Black Americans are vaccinated, according to CDC statistics. Caucasians, Asians and Hispanics have higher vaccinations rates than Black people.

    Bourla blamed Russia for vaccine hesitancy particularly in minority communities where distrust of the government is highest.
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    The CEO claims Russia masterminded online campaigns to spread misinformation among Americans.

    "So many times we've got information from the [US] state department who tell us: 'We see that Russia is attacking you in an effort to discredit your vaccine.'"

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    Pfizer was the first mRNA vaccine to be granted emergency authorization status by the FDA last year. Bourla told Consumeradvisory.com, "We are the most efficient vaccine machine."

    Bourla said Pfizer's inoculation is the reason America nearly achieved herd immunity. But there's still a ways to go.

    "If mRNA had failed, I think we would have been in a very, very difficult spot right now. We would need to vaccinate way more people to get the same result, in many cases 40 to 50 per cent more."

    Bourla said the solution to reduce vaccine hesitancy is by shaming the unvaccinated.

    "The worst thing you can do with these people — and there's a lot of this — is saying: 'You're not a man, are you not aware that you're putting everybody else in danger?'" he said.

    Bourla said he has "personal views" about mandating vaccines nationwide.

    "It's very easy to perceive that we have an interest. More people getting vaccinations means more vaccines sold."

    Bourla projects sales of Pfizer vaccine to hit $34 billion in 2021.

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    Friends and family are mourning loss of a 36-year-old Southwest Airlines flight attendant who died from COVID-19.

    Maurice "Reggie" Shepperton spent 30 days in a Las Vegas ICU before succumbing to the coronavirus "Delta variant".

    His mother, Dawn Shepperson, told USA TODAY that her son was "fully vaccinated" when he died Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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    Dawn said he drove himself to a Las Vegas hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties. He spent the next several weeks on a ventilator before passing away.

    "It hurt me so bad because it was just so quick. I didn't have time to really even acknowledge what is going on. This is mind-blowing. It's not real. It's not real. It's not real."

    In June, Shepperson took his mother with him on a work trip to Hawaii. Dawn said he tested positive for Covid-19 in July.

    The outgoing flight attendant was nicknamed "Skittles" because of the vibrant colored pants he loved to wear.

    Shepperson, a native New Yorker based in Las Vegas, took all precautions to protect himself from the virus.

    He wore a face mask, washed his hands frequently, and wiped down all surfaces in hotel rooms, said Marcia Hildreth, a Southwest flight attendant who was Shepperson's best friend.

    Hildreth created a GoFundMe to raise funds for his funeral expenses. Over $13,700 has been raised as of Sunday, Aug. 15.

    Southwest Airlines is one of 3 major airlines that do not require mandatory vaccines for employees.

    However, friends say Shepperson took the shots because he had underlying medical conditions that made him high-risk if he contracted the virus.

    According to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) co-managed by the CDC, at least 125,000 fully vaccinated people have tested positive for Covid-19. Over 12,000 deaths have been reported.

    The Association of Flight Attendants (CWA) estimates that 4,000 flight attendants in the U.S. tested positive for the coronavirus and 20 have died.

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    Candace Owens is among millions of Americans who don't trust Dr. Anthony Fauci after he admitted funding coronavirus research in Wuhan, China.

    The conservative author says she "trusts her gut" more than she does the White House's infectious disease expert, Eurweb.com reports.

    "I still have not received the COVID-19 vaccine and have not demanded that any of my employees get it either," Owens wrote in a Facebook post Sunday.

    "I am proud that I committed myself to standing firm against the bribery, media propaganda, coercion, celebrity-peer pressure campaign, plus censorship. I made a personal decision for me and my family.

    "It is isn't easy to swim against such a polluted current but here I am. I trust my gut much more than trust Dr. Fauci. May we all do what we feel in our hearts is right, unabashedly."

    Meanwhile, Fauci said "everyone" will eventually need a third mRNA vaccine "booster" shot because the first two shots will decrease in efficacy.

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    "Things are going to get worse," Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told ABC co-anchor Jonathan Karl on "This Week."

    Fauci reluctantly admitted the country is close to herd immunity and there won't be any more lockdowns.

    "I don't think we're gonna see lockdowns. I think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country — not enough to crush the outbreak — but I believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter."