Dave Chappelle

A former Facebook executive says he regrets his role in creating a social media monster.

Facebook’s first president Sean Parker now says he regrets helping to create a social media platform that is so addictive it "literally changes your relationship with society."

“God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains," Parker said.

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Facebook inaccessible

Here's another problem that addicted Facebook users have to worry about: Pranksters have discovered a relatively easy way to "bump off" their friends on Facebook by declaring them legally dead.

All a "friend" has to do to declare you dead -- and lock you out of your Facebook page -- is to navigate to the "Memorialization Request" page and fill out the form, including a link to an obituary.

The obituary doesn't even have to match your name exactly -- as one user found out when he returned from vacation to learn he was dead and his facebook page was locked.

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