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The actress who played Snoop on HBO's crime drama "The Wire" was assaulted by a man outside a Baltimore strip club.

Cell phone video shows Felicia Pearson greeting a friend when another man sneaked up behind him and slapped Pearson hard.

The video shows Pearson and a woman identified as her stunt double fighting several men. The man who slapped Pearson was knocked to the ground but the video doesn't show who hit him.

That didn't stop social media from crediting Pearson's female stunt double with dropping the attacker.

Photos posted on Pearson's Instagram account shows the 41-year-old male-identified actress celebrating her birthday at the strip club with reality TV star Tammy Rivera Malphurs and Instagram models Dream Doll and JuJu.

Pearson captioned the post:

"It's my birthday thank you to my family and friends that came out... I was litty S/O to my sisters, they came and shut it down lol @charliesangelll @iamjuju_ @dreamdoll love y'all ! [photos by] @gmdtv [photos by] @brucetookit One of the best promoters in the world @nutscola111 love you and thanks always!!"

Watch the video of the assault below.

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