Cardi B's throwback photo from her struggle days as an exotic dancer went viral on Twitter.

The former stripper shared a photo that shows her twerking amid a pile of one dollar bills as men count the cash.

She captioned the image: "2014."

Cardi previously told Interview magazine:

"When I first entered the strip club, I was really shy. I felt really uncomfortable. I felt very ashamed. There were times when I was crying, like, "Oh my gosh, if my mom or my dad found out, they'd be so humiliated. But I needed the f*cking money."

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The Bronx-raised rapper can look back on those days and laugh now that she has more than enough money to feed her husband and children.

Cardi's post sparked a Twitter trend, as fans shared one of Cardi's struggle photos as an example of themselves if defending their favorite celebrity was a full-time job.

Photo may have been deleted

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The Dallas stripper who fell 2 stories off a stripper pole and fractured her jaw is done with stripping.

Genea Sky has received so many blessings as a result of her frightening fall, that she says she is done stripping for good.

Sky was a guest on Friday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, The Blast reports. She showed Wendy Williams her wired jaw, and she said the $40,000 GoFundMe cash she received for her medical expenses inspired her to make a career change.

In addition to a fractured jaw, Sky lost some teeth and injured her hip.

"I'm done," she told Wendy, 55. She said the fall was a "blessing in disguise" because she was looking for a way out of the stripper industry.

Photo may have been deleted

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Sky broke down in tears when Williams surprised her with a $10,000 check to help pay her school tuition!

"I've been praying to get out of stripping for a very long time," she told the talk show host. The 24-year-old dancer told Williams she wants to go back and finish school to become an esthetician.