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The White House announced the President is considering a national gas tax holiday to help lower record high gas prices.

Joe Biden said Monday that he will take steps to lower gas prices with a national gas tax holiday on July 4.

Gas prices soared over $5 a gallon for the first time in history under Biden's presidency. And now he's doing something to ease the pain Americans feel at the gas pump.

White House officials say Biden could make his decision on pausing the federal gas tax by the end of this week.

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"I hope I have a decision based on data," he told reporters traveling with him as he vacations at his home in Delaware.

A national gas tax holiday would require action of the part of Congress. One White House official said it would likely be difficult passing the Senate because of their hostility for Biden.

"Republicans don't want gas prices to come down," the official said, according to NBC News. "They want Biden to suffer."

Georgia's Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed state legislature suspending the gas tax on March 18. Kemp extended the legislation through July 14, as it was set to expire on May 31. Kemp's measure does not cover federal taxes.

Kemp's bill kept Georgia's gas prices under $5 at the gas pump in certain areas.