Nipsey Hussle's sister is stepping up to become the legal guardian of her young niece, Emani Asghedom. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Samantha Smith has filed a petition to become the legal guardian of Nipsey’s 7-year-old daughter, who currently lives with her mother, Tanisha.

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Pat Houston Bobby Brown Leolah Brown

Bobby Brown's sister, Leolah, claims Bobbi Kristina Brown's legal guardian, Pat Houston is pressuring Bobby to take Krissi off of life support.

In a long, rambling Facebook post, Leolah slammed Pat Houston for telling her brother, "'why don’t you just pull the plug on Bobbi Kriss, because it’s costing too much money to keep her alive!’”

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CIssy Houston and Pat Houston

R&B crooner Bobby Brown lost his battle for legal guardianship over his brain dead daughter, Bobbi Kristina brown, in a DeKalb County court yesterday. Brown is battling his mother-in-law, Cissy Houston, and sister-in-law, Pat Houston, for custody of Bobbi Kristina.

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BB King at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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One of B.B. King's daughters has asked a judge to give her guardianship over her ailing father's affairs.

King's daughter Karen Williams claims his manager Laverne Toney is not giving him the proper care he needs.

The blues great's health took a turn for the worse when he suffered a heart attack last week. The police were called and he was transported to a hospital, where he was evaluated and released.

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Police Take White Teen Away From Black Legal Guardians

The mother of a white teen who was taken away from her black legal guardians by Houston police officers is questioning the actions of the police.

13-year-old Landry Thompson, from Oklahoma, was in the care of her two legal guardians, who are black, when she was snatched by police after the trio arrived in Houston for dance training.

Dance instructor Emmanuel Hurd, his boyfriend, Josiah Kelly, and Landry were tired after a long day at the dance studio. The trio stopped at a gas station to get directions back to their hotel. After dozing off in the car, they awoke to find the car surrounded by police.

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Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins

The mother of Jovan Belcher, the Kansas City Chiefs player who shot his girlfriend to death then killed himself, has signed over guardianship of Belcher's infant daughter to his girlfriend's cousin, the NY Post reports.

The NY Post reports exclusively that Sheyl Shepherd signed a notarized letter giving guardianship to Sophie Perkins, a cousin of the late Kasandra Perkins. The letter was signed by Perkins, Shepherd, a witness and a notary, according to the Post.

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