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Rapper Boosie Badazz hosted a Thanksgiving party at a South Carolina nightclub in a wheelchair on Thursday.

Boosie assured friends and fans he's well on the way to recovering from surgeries, but h will need one more surgery.

He hosted a Thanksgiving Bash at the Exquis Event Center in Charleston, South Carolina. Video shot by a club patron shows Boosie's crew wheeling him into the venue.

Boosie is planning to throw another bash to celebrate his birthday at a club in Alabama on Saturday.

The 38-year-old father-of-seven recently shared with fans that he needs a couple hundred thousand dollars to pay a specialist to save his leg from amputation after he was shot in Dallas, Texas earlier this month.

He underwent multiple surgeries, including one to remove bullet fragments and had screws placed to stabilize his bone, according to TMZ.

Another Instagram video shows Boosie's mother massaging his foot to increase circulation. Boosie is a type 1 diabetic who underwent a kidney transplant in 2015. Diabetics tend to heal very slowly due to poor circulation and low tissue perfusion.

kimberly morris

Kimberly "KJ" Morris

Omar Mateen entered gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando at 2:02 a.m. Sunday. Armed with a .223 caliber AR type assault rifle, he fired randomly at anyone in his path.

Club bouncer Kimberly "KJ" Morris, 37, was among his first victims. She would have been an easy target positioned outside the front door, which also served as the only exit.

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omar mateen

Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 50 and wounded at least 53 inside an Orlando gay bar, posed for a final selfie after murdering victims in the women's restroom.

Officials say Mateen, 29, paused during his rampage inside Pulse nightclub to call 911 and declare his allegiance to the Islamic extremist group ISIS.

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omar mateen

MSNBC spoke with the father of the gunman who opened fire inside an Orlando gay nightclub, killing 50 and wounding at least 53 early Sunday.

Omar Mateen's father apologized for his son's actions. He said Mateen, 29, was "very angry" after seeing 2 men kissing in downtown Miami months ago.

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Birdman and Lil Wayne

Things got a little crazy for rap mogul Birdman at Liv Nightclub in Miami over the weekend. It seems a drink was thrown on his former protege (and rumored ex-lover) Lil Wayne while Weezy was on stage performing. Naturally, everyone assumed the beverage came from the direction of Birdman's table.

Birdman and Weezy have been beefing over the delayed release of Weezy's next album.

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They say that pop singer Rihanna is being pushed by her mentor Jay Z to be the face of a new chain of burlesque themed nightclubs. Rihanna and her bestie, Melissa, partied at the swanky Mahiki nightclub until 4:30 am last night.

Over the weekend, Keri Hilson along with Cat Deely of "So You Think You Can Dance" was invited to a private dinner at Neiman Marcus...

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