Nikki Janeaka Baby V Alter Ego, real name Valencia Burse, is a native born and raised in Roswell, Ga. Nikki grew up in the church, singing and dancing in Pleasant Hill and dance at Tolbert Yilmaz Dance Company for 6 years of her life. Valencia has always been talented. She began writing at age 9. At 12 Valencia wrote "Drama Line." As she continued she discovered a new sound through church artist and through herself and God. Little did she know the sound would change her entire image. Valencia, 17, has written EVERY one of her songs, "APpLe Pie" "Never Again" "The End" "best friend" "Pack it Up" "drama Line" and most recently "MAniac." And God has blessed her to do more than just sing. She writes, she dances, she plays the keys, she draws, and does a fine job with hair! Valencia is not only multi-talented but she is beautiful, loving, unique, creative and stylish! (Source)

See Nikki Jane perform live March 14 at Sugar Hill in Underground Atlanta

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