Common and John Legend

The Golden Globes of the past have always been stiff, snobby, pompous affairs. Though no one really believed Oprah's vanity film 'Selma' had a chance of winning a Golden Globe award last night, rapper Common and singer/songwriter John Legend pulled off something of an upset by winning Best Original Song for the truly forgettable "Glory" off the 'Selma' soundtrack.

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Even if you're an A-list celebrity you're still not worthy of breathing the same air with his royal highness Prince. Some celebrities are narcissists who aspire to be celebs because they naturally think they're better than you or I.

For most of them, reaching the pinnacle of success simply means they are placed on a lofty pedestal so they can look down on others.

Surely this is the attitude of Prince, who snubbed FOX News dignitaries such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Judd Apatow who mingled with the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

None of those names were big enough for the high and mighty Prince who sequestered himself in a darkened corner, according to Page Six.

After performing four songs, Prince skipped dessert, when he could have schmoozed with Richard Branson, Jeff Koons, Oscar-winning "Hurt Locker" director Kathryn Bigelow and Oliver Stone, who joked that his moustache was a nod to his friends in South America.

Prince, having avoided the celebs uptown, turned up later at the packed Village Underground on West Third Street. In a corner, sipping an orange juice with ice, the superstar wouldn't eat anything that wasn't in Saran Wrap. Fortunately for him, lentil soup and Israeli salad from the Olive Tree restaurant nearby were wrapped appropriately.
Joining his band onstage, he sang along to "Controversy" but kept his back to the crowd to avoid fans trying for a photo.

The late jazz legend Miles Davis used to turn his back on the audience too when he performed live. I guess that's what musical geniuses do.

Photo: Splash News Online

We don't know what's up with Rihanna's personal style lately. Nowadays it's a fashion hit or miss with her. In fact, her fashion miscues has sparked rumors that her personal stylist is no longer with her. But those rumors are false. Her stylist is taking RiRi to accessory hell, and we don't like it.

Thank God Rihanna stopped wearing black to all the Paris Fashion Week events. But this Chanel ensemble is not it.

Not to be outdone by Rihanna, Prince arrived at the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2010 show in Paris, France yesterday looking glamorously over the top. And why not? Amber Rose can do it and she's a nobody. The light skinned version of Dwight Eubanks even had his own umbrella carrier accompanying him everywhere.

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