Excellent synopsis of the war between Omar Little and Avon Barksdale which span 3 seasons of HBO's The Wire. Perfectly edited by Wire10110101 who combines 30 scenes which tells the story of Omar robbing Baltimore drug dealers for fun and profit, and Avon Barksdale who runs his drug empire with an iron fist and murder in his heart.

Part 1 begins with Omar and his robbing crew hitting one of Avon's stash houses. Avon retaliates by putting out a hit on Omar and then torturing and murdering his lover Brandon. Stringer Bell sets up Omar by hiring professional hit man Brother Mouzon. Stringer is himself set up by Avon. Part 5 ends with the murder of Stringer Bell by Omar and Brother Mouzon.

For those who have never experienced The Wire, you now get to see what you've been missing.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5