Photo: Tracy Bayne

Good news for Beyonce fans: the Academy of the Recording Arts announced today that Beyonce and the legendary Tina Turner will perform an electrifying duet during the 50th Annual Grammy Awards this Sunday.

The Recording Academy has also announced an additional slew of performers for the ceremony, including Kid Rock, pianist Eldar, saxophonist Dave Koz and singer Keely Smith. They join previously slated acts like Fergie with John Legend, Rihanna, Josh Groban with Andrea Bocelli, Feist, Foo Fighters with John Paul Jones, Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Aretha Franklin and Mary J. Blige. (

  • hellava10

    Let's pray she learns a few things from the legendary great Tina. I SOOO want the have her legs when I get grown and sexy. Now Tina, even at 69 --- is a classy lady. Maybe she will sit Beyonce down and school her.

    Sandra, where's the picture of Anna Mae Bullock?


    should be interesting!

  • Levar Thomas

    Ooohh this is gonna be good..



  • Dr. 90210

    Sandra, I bet Beyonce fans are glad you finally posted something about her, since she has kinda been losing the spot light to you know who. I don't like the dress, it's to revealing. She is a beautiful girl though.

  • Bsoul

    Dr. 90210 says:
    "...I bet Beyonce fans are glad you finally posted something about her, since she has kinda been losing the spot light to you know who...".



  • Dr. 90210


  • Dr. 90210

    You are ready know, that's who I'm going to say. You just want to start something LOL.

  • Bsoul


  • AaronMichael

    LMAO@ her dress is too reavealing. Didn't say nothin when E.T. practically had her @$$ (what little bit there is) coming out her too small shorts. Hell I aint no fan of Bey either but atleast she got a normal shaped head and can actually sing.

    I'm just sayin'

  • Bsoul

    Aaron, I clicked your profile and like the song. Is that really you singing?

  • bubblez

    Co-sign AaronMichael

    Dr.90210 is a hypocrite and the biggest Rihanna stan there is. Beyonce ain't out the spotlight she's been rehearsing with Tina. Rehearsing is somthing Rihanna knows nothing about which is why she gets all bad reviews. That's exactly why she'll never get anywhere. Beyonce worked hard for her success and now she's on top because of all the hard work. Rihanna should take notes then maybe she'll get out of Beyonce's shadow.

    And can't wait for this performance! I hope they open or close the show because this will be the performance of the night hands down. The best 2 black female performers ever. Tina will kill it and so will B. Oh and Beyonce looks goreous in that pic.

  • ms.peaches

    Well what do you know Beyonce is still alive!!!!(lol) I figured with all the Rhianna hoopla Something surley must have happened to Bey but I guess Sandra couldn't find any Rhianna pics for the time being. Aaron I am with you on this one!! But you know we suppose to keep hush hush about our feelings towards Rhi Rhi (lol)

  • shhhh

    Beyonce looks like something to me in this picture, but I can't quite put my finger on on it. Hoodrat comes to mind, but that's still not it.

  • claire

    this is gonna be good i bet!

  • Prissydiva71

    This should be a good performance. I remember the Kennedy Center Honors a few years back and Bee did a collection of songs in honor of Tina (she was being honored that night) and she cut up. If you listen to "Suga Mama" on Bee's cd, you can clearly see, she luvs her some Tina. Also, just look at her dancing: Big time Tina Turner!

  • mrsdawn

    Actually posted this story on 1/31/08.
    I dont really think anyone is stealing the spotlight
    from B. Her non-fans always say they wish she sit down
    somewhere, when she is out of sight they still have something to say. She is damned if she do and damned if she dont. I dont get why people even say that BS about
    she needs to sit down, hell she is doing her job. I dont know about
    most of you but I clock everyday, I dont have time to sit down. I got bills and Im sure that B has bills a hell of lot larger than mine. Just my opinion!

  • aqtpie

    The legendary Mrs. Tina Turner and Bey, I can't wait. =)

  • Dt2 must admit this will be GREAT!!! I am a Beyonce fan and a Rhianna fan..But I must say Rhianna dont have nothing on Bey..with that said why even compare the 2..Rhianna is on her grind..and Bey has already grinded now she can sit back and relax but I think bubblez, Co-sign AaronMichael is totally on to something Rhianna do need to rehearse her performs are so Showtime at the Apollo..Sorry Ri Ri you still my Girl!! But you can use some rehearsals

  • Bubbles

    This is the only performance I'm looking forward to seeing.
    Tina is a legend.

  • milly

    I'm looking foward to the grammys

  • J Gats Juice

    at least we were called fans and not stans.... the dress is really, eh, whats the word? sexy? its something i would wear out when I'm celebrating my birthday or something. everybody cant pull something like that off

  • H.B.I.C.

    Beyonce performs at damn near every awards show that comes up, even when she doesn't have a song out. Why? She should just go and enjoy the show, everyone knows she's the shit. She doesn't have to perform at every awards show.

  • Bird

    I'm looking forward to it. It seems like the whole show is going to be pretty good this year.

  • Dr. 90210

    @ bubblez

    Do you know me to call me a hypocrite. Get a life. I don't care about Beyonce or Rihanna. You are the stan. This is pure entertainment to me. Something to kill time, when I got a brake from studying to be a Doctor. I got bigger things going on in my life to be anybody stan. To me her dress is to revealing, that's my opinion, and maybe that's because I got morals. Yes, Rihanna does wear evealing clothes too. But is that Rihanna in the picture, no it's not. That's all I got to say about that. I'm done.

  • Sharonda

    WOW, more madness for girls who trying to be high-paid strippers.I'm just waiting to see Tina.

  • kat

    i read this on cl or somewhere a few weeks ago....but i'm looking forward to the performance. i bet they steal the show.

  • Fatkat

    I love me some Tina and B, but I guess B has to top the performance that both Jennifers did at the BET awards last year.

  • kay

    Wonder why they didn't ask Rihanna to sing with Tina?? probably bc it would be too obivious that she cant hold a note even if it had straps! lol!

  • Brit

    Wow Beyonce has finally found her match. Someone who can scream louder then her.

  • AaronMichael

    @Bsoul, yes that is really me singing. Glad you like the song, all my music is completely written and performed by me.

  • Bsoul

    @ Aaron
    You're really talented--I'm not flirting--you have a smoothe style! You sort of remind me of a cross between Dwele, Ne-Yo and Baby Face.

    Sorry you haven't blown up...yet.

  • Goliano

    More Beyonce, please.