Medical Minute: Post-Menopausal Belly Fat

Yesterday, rumors spread like wildfire on social media that R&B/Soul icon Diana Ross was pregnant at age 71. The source of the absurd rumors were photos that surfaced on social media showing Miss Ross with abdominal distention.

No, Miss Ross is not pregnant. One reason for her excess belly fat may be post-menopausal hormone levels.

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Medical Minute: Overactive Bladder

Victoria Beckham Leaves LFW Party With Wet Patch On Her Pants

Former singer and part-time model Victoria Beckham suffered an unfortunate accident on Tuesday. The 41-year-old British fashion designer celebrated the 1st anniversary of her London flagship store with her husband David Beckham.

Observers noticed a large wet stain in the crotch of her pants. The wet stain is consistent with urge incontinence or overactive bladder syndrome.

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How to Tell If Someone You Know is a Narcissist

If you have an active social life offline, chances are you’ve crossed paths with quite a few narcissists. Most narcissists are the type of people you want to count among your friends. Narcissists are usually very attractive, social climbers (think CEO’s, celebrities, presidents); they are charming to a fault, well-dressed and intelligent.

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Medical Minute: Alopecia and Hair Loss in Children

alopecia in children

Is your child losing her edges or suffering from thinning hair and bald patches on her scalp? Don’t worry, there are treatments that can help your child regrow her hair.

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Medical Minute: Oral Candidiasis (Oral Thrush)

Amber Rose

Socialite Amber Rose sparked concern on social media when she posted this photo of herself and Instagram model Lira Galore on Instagram.

Amber’s alert followers noticed Amber and Lira had a white coating on their tongues. Amber’s followers suspected a yeast infection might be the cause.

Many of Amber’s followers suggested tongue scrapers or a trip to the doctor (considering her unhealthy sexual lifestyle)

Needless to say, Amber deleted the photo.

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Medical Minute: Love Addiction

Britney Spears and Charlier Ebersol split

Singer Britney Spears is Back On the Market. Spears and her boyfriend of 6 months, Charlie Ebersol, have called it quits. The reason this time is Ebersol didn’t want to be pressured into marriage. Sound familiar?

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Medical Minute: Sociopaths vs Psychopaths

Dylann Roof

With the Charleston Church Shooting dominating headlines, many in the news media are tossing around the words ‘sociopath’ and ‘psychopath’ as if they are interchangeable. But there are distinct differences between the two personalities that sets them apart from each other.

To make it simple, a sociopath is someone with a personality disorder (like narcissism) who is less likely to kill you. A psychopath is an individual with a serious mental defect who is more likely to kill you and everyone in your family.

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