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The San Antonio Spurs released guard Joshua Primo, for allegedly exposing himself to multiple women.

Primo, 19, was the No. 12 pick in the 2021 NBA draft and had a promising career ahead of him.

The team’s decision to cut Primo came after multiple women — including an ex-Spurs employee — complained that he exposed himself to them.

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In a statement on Friday, Primo said “I know that you all are surprised by today’s announcement. I’ve been seeking help to deal with previous trauma I suffered and will now take this time to focus on my mental health treatment more fully.”

Primo is the latest professional athlete to be exposed as a sexual predator.
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According to Psychology Today, men who expose themselves to women hope to entice the women into a sexual act. These men usually use sex for control.

The workplace provides the perfect setting for such indecent behavior.

The predator knows the victim is unlikely to tell on him because she might lose her job. The victim is intimidated because she knows her employer will protect the predator.

5 Warning Signs to Spot a Sexual Predator

1. He’s really attentive

Like narcissists, sexual predators shower women with attention, praise, gifts, and lots of calls or texts early on. These are red flags. Men use attention to pull women in and control them.

2. He uses manipulative language

Predators are very skilled at gaslighting women to gain control over women who become dependent on them. A predator will mock a victim’s appearance, weight, clothes, friends, etc. Manipulative language is used to wear a woman down until she’s too exhausted to fight back.

3. He makes abuse seem normal

By the time the predator has gained psychological control of a woman he begins to abuse her physically. The woman believes the abuse is normal. She will even defend him when friends ask about her black eye or bruises.

4. He plays the victim

If gaslighting doesn’t work, the predator will play the victim. He will even use her family and friends to convince the victim that she is in the wrong. Women who have experienced sexual abuse as a child are more vulnerable to predators.

5. He will push sexual boundaries

The predator will push sexual boundaries with women. He will invite others into the bedroom or ask women to perform risky sexual behaviors. He may fail to ask for consent or use jokes to lower the woman’s inhibitions.

What should you do if you believe you are dealing with a sexual predator?

If you suspect you are dealing with a predator, cut him off immediately. Block his number in your phone or on social media. Have no further contact with him.

Seek therapy

Seek therapy to help you heal after dealing with a predator. Therapy can also help you understand why you easily fall victim to predators.

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