Photos: Calvin Robertson

Def Jam held a private listening party for Rick Ross tonight which was attended by industry executives, radio people and print media. The party was invitation only and not open to the public. So why was security and the police so heavy handed with industry professionals who packed into Patchwerk Studios to listen to Rick Ross’ album?

My spies say the party was too crowded and too hot for the small venue where it was held. One industry professional was manhandled and taken to the floor by 3 burly police officers who had to struggle to bring him down. His crime: not going back inside fast enough when he attempted to go outside for air.

Def Jam should know this is Atlanta and not New York. An apology should be issued by Def Jam reps for the disgraceful way their guests were treated.

On another note, my spies say Rick Ross‘ new album Trilla is bangin’. The album is in stores March 11.