Guest and Elle (V-103)
Bobby Valentino and Yung Joc

Yung Joc and Mz Shyneka
Guest and Nicole Garner (Garner Circle PR). Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for

Former DTP/Def Jam artist Bobby Valentino looked so happy at his birthday party at Luckie Food Lounge on Wednesday night. DTP co-owner Chaka Zulu was there looking like he didn't have the heart to tell Bobby he would be dropped from the label the very next day. Yes, I could tell all that from looking at the pictures, lol.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Wow, everyone came out for little ol' Bobby.

  • milly

    Happy B-lated birthday To Bobby...but can he tuck in the other side of his shirt please.

  • Bird

    How old is he?


    Umm, i told yall hes irrelevant, lol now once again, Sandra r u going to Sammie bday party, and hell yeah im gonna keep on asking, lol

  • 2thick4u

    He does look happy:)!!!

  • Sharonda

    How is he about to get drop when he's dropping another album this year???Now Sammie, who's that?Must be irrelevant lol.

  • plushlush

    oh ok now I know why my radio host diss comment was pulled...anyway ladies if you are going to an event where the fabulous Sandra Rose is the photographer..and she is great...please wear makeup with no or a low spf count as to not look real real pale in these closeups...just a makeup not not a diss.....and besides its nitetime you really dont need it but during the day wear a high spf count thanks

  • ms.peaches

    Damn thats messed up, I wonder if DTP is going under like the label Lil Jon was on, naw can't be cause ludacris is doing way too much, wow if they can hang on to Chingy ass, after he left & came back Im sure Bobby should be able to stick around it's not like he don't have any talent!! I got Jermaine jumping on the chance to sign either him or Diddy


    Sharonda Says:Now Sammie, who’s that?Must be irrelevant lol.

    Sammie can sing circles around bobby, no ones checking for him, hes corny and need to give it up. what happened to anonymous, ooppss a FLOP, LOL
    go to youtube and type in Sammie, and ull see, the only younh male artist out that has good music IMO is Sammie, Mario and RayJ, even though some ppl dnt like RayJ because of the sex tape, hes on his grind and his last cd is hot, and yes i have it.

  • Sharonda

    ^ Sorry boo, but Sammie IS IRRELEVANT (in my eyes).


    and thats y bobby got dropped because hes irrelevant in ludas and his staff eyes, LOL
    wait and also the ppl who didnt buy his wack azz music, lol

  • Sharonda

    ^ Usually I don't keep responding to little girls but here I go, anyways.Bobby V didn't get drop.If you can READ THE ARTICLE CAREFULLY, it said they SOHH, who is NOT A CREDIBLE OR RESPECTABLE source that they heard that the 3 R&B acts were getting dropped.STEPH released a statement with those allegations being 100% FALSE.This was regard to the other post that was deleted.

    And who is Sammie?Can't really name anything he sung at all.

    Save the boo-boo face.


    umm hmm, so y havent bobby released his cd that was supposed to be out already? its not getting released unless he does it himself, nobodys checking for bobby, only u and a few other peeps, judging by his lack of record sales, lol bobby v no