I'm not a regular visitor to Concreteloop.com, and in fact, the name is banned on this site as are links to that blog. Why don't I like that site, well, for one thing it is difficult to navigate and the blog owner's butt kissing is a little too extreme for me.

So it came as a surprise to me when I heard that the blog owner signed flamboyant openly gay blogger B. Scott as a contributor.

Clearly, the blog owner didn't know her audience very well because after this Friday's B. Scott post, her readers were threatening to mutiny. The comments were so bad that another gay blogger made a video in protest.

What the readers objected to was the very thing that makes B. Scott special - his in-your-face "I'm gay and I'm proud attitude." Most of the comments this past Friday were from readers who aren't as open to the gay lifestyle as the blog owner thought they would be.

Here are a few of the comments:


    ...I do not know if Concrete Loop knows there audience. But putting this guy on here offends a lot if not most black male readers. I for one just lost respect for Concrete Loop. Call me a predjudice, but it is what it is. I don’t like it, I don’t like the “gay” life being uplifted and put out there as “Normal”....

    ...Lmao, this is the reason why the Lord has given the black woman the highest rate of AIDS, and deservedly so. Just infatuated with black male, overt homosexuality (omitting the scattered remnant of sisters that have some sense). Pathetic. This is a sign to the heterosexual black men that they really need to scrutinize who they lay down with, because if so many of these modern day, “god-fearing”, black women are so virulently open to homosexuality, they’re open to everything else and have no qualms about opening you and your children up to it also...

Obviously the readers of CL aren't aware that the blog owner already has one flamboyant queen gay man on staff who prefers to stay behind the scenes and not make it so obvious.

This Friday, the blog owner stoked the fires of discontent even further by posting a video from another openly gay brother who was offended by the homophobic comments left by her readers.

The blog owner, who clearly enjoyed the controversy, wrote: "I guess I was a little naive, because I did not think adding [B. Scott] to the rotation would be this controversial. I do appreciate all the emails expressing your likes and dislikes though, keep them coming. Until next Friday... tee hee…."

  • BubbasPrincess

    He's not THAT behind the scenes...

  • http://myspace.com/mizz_eccentrik Abhor_

    I have never really watched any of B. Scott's videos but he was saying some true things. Was the controversy because he was gay or the fact that he loves the lord and hes gay?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    You are talking about Brian, everyone knows he's gay he just doesn't throw it in your face..he's a good dude..I used to be a regular on CL and i've had countless convos with him..There is a strong juvenile presence on the Loop, as well as many others..howvere although homoseuality is accepted more, you can't expect everyone to be as open as the next person..Angel knew better

  • Sharonda

    Well I made a comment on that post.I think people need to open up for one because gays been here on earth too.It's not like you can kill them because that's just the ultimate sin.People follow behind religion too much though.People can't think for themselves.If anyone knows Angel they know that she is an open person.If people have a problem with sexuality, will some people still tell me why people love some Madea????Tyler Perry is cross-dressing and seems to be "positive" to some.It sad that this openly gay man is causing an up-roar and especially knowing that many black men are gay now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    keep in mind alot of our black men are gay or involved with that lifestyle and won't admit it..bscott would be a massive thorn in the side of a DL man..I'm glad he and others like him or out and proud of it..

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    He's prettier than me.

  • srv

    I visit your site daily. You know that I've been here for a while, but I have got to say this: as far as I can tell, Angel'a has shown you nothing but love at Sandrarose. I don't know what happened. ???? I also read Concreteloop, and I can definitely say that no matter what it's content, the site has come a long way with it as well as it's new design. It has caused a lot of sites to step their game up. Think what you may, but try to keep it positive with your readers. I actually love the B.Scott vingettes and appreciate her/his positive message. I am a woman, but I don't know many STRAIGHT men that visit blogs and comment all day long either. And if they do, aren't they kind of lame? Angel'a should continue to post thev videos, she could be opening a totally new door of success for herself by broadening her demographic. And when she does, let's clap our hands, instead of stomping our feet.

  • gemini83

    Ok, I'm very upset!!! Being a black woman, myself, I am well aware of the AIDS statistics in our community. But, I am a regular on B.Scott.com and I love his videos and some of them are uplifting. I judge no one, because I leave that up to God. If there are so many men that are devastated by what B stands for and what he is, then that just shows how uncomfortable they are with themselves. Everyone has and opinion, but there is a difference with being mean and just plain evil!!! Keep doing your thang B.!! He hasn't let anyone stop him so far and I hope he never will!

  • http://www.weneedtostop.com 2Unruly

    preach b.scott. good message he delivered. i don't like his mannerisms (luv muffins, etc) kinda irritating, but he may not like mine either. to each his own. he has a pretty neat site.

  • alana

    I dont visit CL often. I get very sick of all the popups and being directed to other pages while Im reading something and having to say "skip advertisement" (and I have pop up blocker). I really appreciate you not having that on your site Sandra!!!

    As for B. Scott, I dont know what to think of SHIM...I've never watched any of his stuff because after 30 seconds I was irritated...

  • H.B.I.C.

    First off, Sandra, you are coming off as a hater.
    C O N C R E T E L O O P is a positive site, and they never really have anything bad to say about anyone, so I have no idea why you have a problem with Angel.

    Second, I visist CL all the time and I love the B. Scott segments. After I saw him on CL I actually bookmarked his site and I visit regularly. Some people need to get a life and stop worrying about others so much.

  • fatblkboy

    I've tried to visit that site in the past but it ALWAYS shuts down my browser both at work and at home. It's too busy looking for my taste. People are always talking about it so it must be ok.

    I have been a fan of B.Scott since his third or fourth YouTube video. But ever since he's become a "celebrity", the videos are not entertaining at all. They are actually quite annoying. I miss the days when he actually talked about pop culture, what happened to him at the health club and of course the ethiopian neightbor. Watch the earlier ones and then the latest ones and you'll see what I'm talking about. Love the website, though.

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    I have tried to watch B. Scott, but he gets on my very, very, very last nerve, so I can understand the uproar. I got turned off from the site after seeing his videos. Reading Brian's posts are about as much as I can take from a gay male. I think CL should have a 1 punk minimum. LOL

    B. Scott is just too much. I'm not homophobic, and I wouldn't enjoy videos of some loud overly ghetto straight girl either. B. Scott makes me think he's insane, as do most overly flamboyant gay men. And unless you are a true fag hag, B. Scott probably gets on your nerves, too. Doesn't mean you're homophobic just not interested in watching men twist and turn and pop and snap. I am no more interested in watching a man do that than I am watching gay porn. I think some people confuse this "distaste" with being homophobic; it's not. I have gay male friends, but they aren't so flamboyant. I think the flamboyancy is the turn off.

  • kat

    C O N C R E T E L O O P is one of the best sites in my opinion. they do don't alot of hating, like some blogs, but i won't call any names, and they have alot of positive posts. i visit them first, sandra rose 2nd, a few boxing sites, and M E D I A T A K E O U T if i'm not too busy at work. M T O is hilarious!

  • http://www.smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    I will say that I'd stopped visiting CL on a daily basis even before the B. Scott videos. The only problem I have with the site are the pop-ups. Other than that, the content is pretty solid and informative. I don't even peek at the silly comments, though.

  • chi-girl

    concreteloop is the bomb...don't be mad Sandra because artist are not shouting your site out..besides the ones you love soooooo much(and we all know who that couple is)!!! but anyways I feel people concerns about the video, but its not that deep we can put up videos of anybody else and their opinion but not an openly gay person? get real people

  • shunda

    I have never watched B Scott's videos because I read blogs at work and the videos are removed lol. I know I should be working. I do not have a problem at all with gay people. I am sure we have all committed some sins. It is not up to me to judge. Anything I do not like I just avoid. No need to comment on it. I do look at cl daily as I do Sandra Rose but that is the nosey person in me.

  • http://necolebitchie.com Necole Bitchie

    wow, it's sad to see how far we still have to go. Seeing those comments on B. Scott's particular blog reminded me of when blacks weren't accepted and how many noses were turned up when we were trying to get a break in media and other industries. You can say it's a difference but it's not. One is discrimination against race while the other is sexual preferences. Just damn sad..

  • Caron02

    Love your site Sandy! (LOL) Love CL's site as well and I am a "love muffin". B. Scott seems to have a warm soul and that is why I watch every one of his videos. He seems cool to me!

  • estyle4039

    B. Scott, regardless of his sexual orientation, is on FIYA! B. Scott is open about his sexuality, what some of ya'll need to be worried about is your men on the DL that is chasing him. E-Ballers need to fall back. . .double kisses, muah, muah.

  • Music999

    First Sandra you are sounding something like a hater. Then on top of that you got the nerve to talk about somebody butt kissing. LMAO A mess!

    About B.Scott and the Loop, black folks are some of the most homophobic people on the face of this earth. But some of the stuff that was said in those posts went beyond ignorant. I don't even understand how some people would have the nerve to even type some of that mess.

  • brenden

    I like ConcLoop. Especially after they added that brothas political roundups and commentary. My only problem with that site is being redirected. Its annoying, but I guess she needs to make her money. Its the positive vibe or but kissing as you call it that I appreciate over there. Apparently the readers aren't as positive as those who run the site. Oh well. Were all entitled. This bscott guy struck me as someone trying to become the next leave brittney alone guy.lol. Maybe he was out before the leave brittney alone guy. I don't know, but his voice is like nails on a chalk board. I don't find him funny nor informative, but hes definitely a character. If there was just a touch of bass in his voice I may be able to tolerate him. However him being gay is irrelevant to me. And the reader who said something about this is why the Lord has given the highest rate of aids to Black women...To blame something like that on the Lord. Never mind...

  • NC_NYer


    After I read this post I went back over to CL and found the original post (3/14/08), as well as the comments left by both supportive and angry readers who hate B. Scott, homosexuality or just flamboyancy in general.

    I chuckled at the post that the 2nd gay male blogger responded to. I don't think that mainstream society laughs at black people or denies black folks jobs because they see a flamboyant gay man and think we all act like that. Black people have done more than enough damage to themselves with their own ni**a nonsense. Aaron McGruder made a great statement on that in his "Ni**a Moment" Boondocks episode.

    Me personally - I don't have an issue with a homosexual person - nor do I have an issue with a flamboyant person. That's their choice - not my style, but everyone is entitled to act the way they want. And while I am straight (not gay, not DL) black male - I am quite far from LAME (that's for you, SRV). If you didn't realize, blogs have continued increasing in popularity for the last few years, and I believe they will overtake places like MySpace and Facebook BECAUSE of the fact that readers can interact with the bloggers and offer their opinions. Not only am I here on SR, I also check out NahRight, YouHeardThatNew, Crave, Endgadget and Xclusivezone. Did you know Kanye, Complex Magazine as well as Wal-Mart all have blogs, SRV? Are ALL of those people lame as well?

    And by the way folks, some of you might need to study the true meaning of "hate." Just because someone disagrees with a point of view - it doesn't mean that they're hating. If I'm doing my thing and you're doing your thing and you disagree with what I do - then that's just a difference of opinion. BUT, if I'm doing my thing, and you're just sitting on the sidelines giving your own negative commentary - THAT is hating. And Sandra isn't doing that - not in my opinion.

  • candi got gushy

    BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE WORST WITH THE HOMOPHOBIA. I say live and let live. I dont understand the ignorance.....

  • shhhh

    I particularly don't care for B Scott, he just doesn't amuse me. I think he created all the hype for himself. I remeber when you use practically beg people to subscribe to him. I think that he even surprises himself with all the attention he's getting by sitting around and run his mouth.

    Neither do I consider myself homophobic, I judge everyone by their own merit and character. I have been cool with gay people before. And I liked who they were as people. Them being gay never even crossed my mind.

    One thing that I just HATE to hear people say is that "God" made them a certain type of way. To me that is just a cop-out. Almost every girl that grew up with brothers were Tom Boys when they were young. But when they get older, they start to come into beautiful women. So I'm sure the same scenario could happen with a young boy, especially one that grew up around women. It's just men like everything else were to slow to break from that. I think it's ridiculous for anyone to say that God made them to be "gay" when at the end of the day the only thing that defines a straight person and a gay person is who they choose to have sex with. If God intendd for men to sleep with me, he would've made men able to bear children.

    I don't buy for one second that a person who is gay and religious believes that it's okay. They have to be constantly going back in forth in their mind, asking themselves if what they're doing is right. This unsure-ness in turns make that person vunarable, weak, and fake, because they in turn pretend to be okay with themselves. Plus how can a person be religious and believe in God, when it clearly says in the bible that being gay is wrong.

    As far as CL. That was one of the first blogs that I had ever read in my life. I had been on the internet for a couple of year's before I even knew this type of sites existed. I quickly, became bored with them. I haven't visited their site in over a year. Like everyone else, the site does make my browser shutdown, I'm sick was sick of the pop-ups and redirects, and they never have any inside information. All they do is post pics and blind items. And any pretend inside information they may know, it's been copied from off another blog. I like orginal content, that's why this is the only blog that I read.

    People say that they're positive. Well have you seen Angel? How could anyone that looks like that sit around and dog people. I don't buy for one second that they fired B Scott because of the homophobic comments. I thik they did it to hype up their site. She probably coundn't afford to keep B Scott or something. Maybe Brian started to get jealous, I don't know. But it's more to it than that.

  • KS

    Damn Sandra I knew you hated on Angel. But wow. First of all why did you add "tee hee" to her quote? She didnt end her statement with tee hee. and did she fire him. i dont see that on her site or his

  • Destiny

    I like CL and I visit that site regularly on a daily basis. I don't understand what the big hoopla is about. If people don't like the B.Scott posts then all you have to do is simply don't read them, which is what I did. Angel just wanted to experience with having different content on her blog. She made a poor judgment and some fans of the site got upset. It was an oversight, big deal, move on.. As for Angel being a butt-kisser? I'm curious to know why you feel she's a butt-kisser....

  • Destiny

    I mean ***experiment

  • ChokLitFactory

    I thought there was some animosity between you and Angel/CL since I noticed you removed the links to their site. I'm a regular visitor of CL. They report a lot of postive things and the site is very informative. I usually visit your site second because I am way more amused by your posts.
    I didn't really have an opinion on the B.Scott videos. I was familiiar with him from his posts following that RazB/Chris Stokes controversy. I thought he was entertaining tho sometimes annoying. Many of the comments were really bad...I don't always agree with the gay lifestyle but I try to be tolerant b/c who are we to judge, right? I didn't know Angle fired him tho. And everybody must know Brian is gay! You can tell by his pics, his Myspace, or his taste in music lol! But to each their own!

  • heart2heart

    Damn, what did Angel do to you Sandra? lol

    Anyway, CL is my favorite blog of all and I admit I was disappointed when B.Scott's videos starting popping up. Unlike others, I didn't post comments negative (even though the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination) or positive because it wasn't necessary. I would just see his videos and continue to scroll down to the next story. Didn't know that there were so many negative comments that the comments section had to be closed, but I'm not surprised either. To be honest, it makes me feel good to know that there are still people out there that are not afraid to voice their opinions against such a lifestyle.

  • heart2heart

    C O N C R E T E L O O P is one of the best sites in my opinion. they do don’t alot of hating, like some blogs, but i won’t call any names, and they have alot of positive posts. i visit them first, sandra rose 2nd, a few boxing sites, and M E D I A T A K E O U T if i’m not too busy at work. M T O is hilarious!

    Haha, for me it's CL, then Sandra, then B o s s i p. Getting tired of the last one though.

  • jcroft

    This is unfortunate. I'll continue to support B.Scott.

  • 99 problems

    Had no Idea that B Scott was sooo contraversal,but it doesnt surprise me that the "holier than though" celebrity gossip readers got all worked up and hateful in the name of Jesus!
    @shhhh-Please if being attractive was a requirement to dissing celebs-alot of sites would not be able to do so , and present company is not excluded!