CORRECTION: Bow Wow and Yung Berg are good Pals

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According to an insider, Bow Wow and Yung Berg did not engage in fisticuffs at the 300 Celebrity Bowling Night on Sunday, as I was led to believe. The guys were actually discussing their scorecards!

Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for

It was all a misunderstanding and I hear that Bow Wow and Berg had a good laugh after reading it on my site. My apologies for any inconvenience the erroneous posting may have caused. Those guys are such good sports. :)

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According to my sources, rapper Bow Wow and his arch nemesis Yung Berg almost came to blows at 300 Celebrity Bowling Night last night. Sources say that So So Def exec Kadife (pictured on the right) and Sebastian B., Bow’s cousin/assistant (on the left) had to separate the two rappers when they got up in each other’s faces.

Word is it started out with Bow Wow asking Yung Berg to clarify some statements he made in an earlier interview. Just as things got heated, Kadife blocked my photographer Freddy O‘s camera lens and escorted him out of the building. They say Bow Wow got the best of the exchange, but don’t quote me on that.

More info as it develops!


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    lea says:


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    NC_NYer says:

    Somebody please focus on taking up some money to send Jeremiah Wright out of the country so Obama can have a damn chance please!!!

    Bow Wow vs. Yung Berg – While I care not about this Ni**a Nonsense, Bow Wow has been doing his thing for several years and doesn’t need to address some Johnny-Come-Lately NO TALENT like Yung Berg. Yung GARBAGE is what I call him. Now….marinate on THAT.

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    i’m 100% with NC_NYer…well said. go on yung berg or yung dummy! lame.

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    lea says:

    Well actually both Berg and Chow Wow are garbage, no onw cares about either one of the midgets lol. But this story is hilarious lmao

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    Mimi Renee says:

    if the showdown looked anything like all that finger wavin, finger snappin, finger poppin tantrum Bow Wow threw on BET, then Yung Bert or whatever his name is, better watch out.. LMAOOOO

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    London Marie says:

    Looks like a friendly chat between two homo-erotic buddies.

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    sexieblacc says:

    Berg is messing his own career up. This is his first cd and he’s giving ALL of his shine to Bow Wow. Noone knows what the name of his cd is, what his single is, or when his cd drops…all we know is that he don’t like bow wow yet (in his own words) he want his money and his fame. Berg needs to focus on his own ish and stop hating cause hating on bow is gonna make his fans love him more, and his haters hate him more, so its gonna balance out for bow but it ain’t gonna do **** for Berg.

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    Bubbles says:

    I don’t know …. from that angle Bow Wow looks like he’s puckering up for a kiss. Can’t be beef.

  9. 9
    NMusiqNSoul says:

    Beef between Rappers is old and it’s immature. Have they not learned from the past? Sad.

  10. 10
    alana says:

    Im not even being funny ya’ll but who is Yung Berg? I think he’s just mad because he hasn’t gotten his advance yet and hasn’t gotten his chain yet. you know any chain he has is borrowed…lol

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    ms.kimba412 says:

    Li’l Bow Wow and Yung Berg are young enough not to know how to handle themselves any better, but Fiddy’s old ass does. Big grown men shouldn’t be instigating ignant ish between two kids.

  12. 12
    ckarinwhite says:

    Who cares?!?…From the picture it looks like no one is paying them any attention…

  13. 13
    milly says:

    lol this cant be true..say it aint so

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    DCREALEST says:

    first off, Berg look like he bout to pimp slap Bow Wow with a right while he hold his drink in the left.

    on some real…Berg and Bow Wow been out the same amount of time. Berg got some ol footage from when he was like 12 where he was spitting some ish way better than that radio garb they put out now. Berg would crush Bow Wow in a str8 up battle.

    where is Omarian?

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    angieb says:

    Didn’t Yung Berg use to be Shawna from DTP’s hype-man or something? I was through with him when he said in a interview that 50 cent gave him good advice about how to move Bow Wow out the way! I’m not a Bow Wow fan but he has been doing his thing for a minute and then this(most likely) one-hit wonder comes long and wants to talk like he’s got the game on lock!(ha ha)

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    bloggergirlz says:

    i need more info because no one is paying them any attention in the photos! these fake a$$, gangbanging on wax beefs are so played out…i heard 50 got involved in this kiddie, midget fight…he must really be whipped on ciara…i hope berg doesn’t think having 50 instigating will help sales, then again maybe it will, it’s not like he’s on anyone’s radar! to think this clown is from chgo! i won’t get started on the jay-z/lebron/soldier boy beef.

    will the grown men please stand up?!

    sandra you and fred need to start having rotating back-up photographers onsite…

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    brwnsugga4you says:

    #7 i agree. with all that finger waving & popping bow-wow did recently he is still an established artist. i don’t agree with his actions but, yung berg is not an establish artist.1 or 2 songs and singing on folks hooks does not make you a established artist. so, i would suggest he sit down somewhere and let sh*t just rest. it’s really not that serious.

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    Songbird27 says:

    I bet that was one heck of a fight ::rolling eyes:: I bet it was like watching Sponge Bob and Patrick fight…

  19. 19
    MOCHAMOMMY says:

    Are we really entertaining this? Bow Wow is not a real thug… He’s been havin people write his script since he was 9. So please dont think that he will throw hands with anybody. Yung Berg is gonna be the throwback joint on 106 in july. Why are we even giving this any thought?

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    Mz_Magnificent1 says:

    This bytchassness needs to end…they both look lame.

  21. 21
    chat bout says:

    it’s a shame how young “BLACK MEN” are their own and ready to fight over some ****rey the other person did or didn’t say. and king kong………………..i meant 50 cent should his business.

  22. 22
    gemini83 says:

    Ok, this is TOTALLY off the subject but, Sandra, where are Tiny’s baby shower pictures?? And let us know what’s up with those other two members (sisters) of Xscape. (Kandi not included, I know her and Tiny are cool)

  23. 23
    tstiles says:

    I heard about this..little frail puppy is a trip!

  24. 24
    Bird says:

    These comments are too funny. I agree with the person who said it doesn’t look like a fight as the peole around them are not even looking. Even in the pic with the hand the people are not looking. This sounds like media hype.

  25. 25
    Bird says:

    NC_NYer Says:

    Somebody please focus on taking up some money to send Jeremiah Wright out of the country so Obama can have a damn chance please!!!

    I think that issue is resolved. Rev. Wright embarrassed himself on Monday and I’m sure he knows that. Barack came out strong yesterday in cutting ties with him completely. While the news of course is still talking about it since Barack’s speech just happened yesterday, I have heard them talking about the issues for the first time since Rev. Wright came on the scene last Friday. I feel sorry for both men. I know this is painful for both of them.

  26. 26
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:


  27. 27
    gemini83 says:

    Oh, okay, I see the gallery. I just can’t see them because I am on the work computer. I’ll check them out when I get home though!

  28. 28
    NC_NYer says:


    I hope it is. In fact, I know it most likely is to INTELLIGENT people. But we all know there are going to be those “not-so-intelligent” ones that will not let it go.

    Those are the same ones who most likely wouldn’t have voted for Obama in the first place, so why should they care?

    @Sandra – sorry for getting off-topic – just had to get that out….hope you forgive me.

  29. 29
    brwnsugga4you says:

    i’m glad we can officially lay this false rumor to rest!!!!

  30. 30
    bloggergirlz says:

    sandra, you miss us don’t you?! we miss you to! we need a better story after being forced to take a break yesterday!

    how do you go from one extreme (they’re fighting) to another (they’re friends), so quickly?! it was obvious from the pic that nothing serious was going on anyway…

    my question is, why did fred get thrown out? if it wasn’t from taking pics of the non-existent fight, than why? or was that part of the story a lie as well?!

  31. 31
  32. 32
    NC_NYer says:

    Well, at least Yung Berg got some publicity love….that’s a good thing.

  33. 33
    heartbreaker says:

    @ bloggergirlz

    I’m with you… and all of the pictures have “Sandrarose” on them. So when you just got the correct news did it come with your pictures too??? You slippin Sandra!!!! Don’t be desperate like those other blogs. Try to keep the little respect we still have for your site :-)

  34. 34
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:


  35. 35
    VirgoVixxen says:

    yeah something aint right about this Sandra. first you are all ‘they are beefing’ and all that(pics to prove)-and just so quickly-they are best buds (pics as well). Sometimes Sandra, you post a lot of things that makes me give your the side eye (copyright Fresh)

  36. 36
    estyle4039 says:

    Let me find out you doing a Peep Mag stunt. .reporting falseities.

  37. 37
    estyle4039 says:

    Beginning to run neck and neck with the OTM garbage!! (Initials are backwards since they always give me the *** when I use them) lol.

  38. 38

    I’m with Virgo Vixen.

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wasn’t YOUR photographer there??????

    Didn’t you report that when the fight went down that’s when that hand covered up your photogs lens??????

    Let’s get it together shall we!!!!!!

  39. 39
    Bird says:

    NC_NYer Says:

    @Sandra – sorry for getting off-topic – just had to get that out….hope you forgive me.

    I wrote Sandra an email this past weekend begging her to do a story on Rev. Wright after seeing his PBS interview. The man is phenominal and the fact that he mentored Barack, made Barack look even stronger to me. The media didn’t cover the PBS interview AT ALL and I was pissed. Of course they all jumped on board after the Reverend made a fool of himself on Monday. So in the end, I got what I wanted. There was coverage and many of the moderators are being honest in saying that Rev. Wright came out because he was hurt.

    With that being said, I will not mention this topic again in a blog that is not related to it.

  40. 40
    MOCHAMOMMY says:

    And yet, theres still not a single person who actually cares!!! Imagine that!

  41. 41
    prynsexxx says:

    Sandra you don’t have to make up stories for people to come to your blog. That became evident yesterday when I thought “they got me!” and my dumb a-s-s kept trying to log on anyway. I gave up around 426. I leave at 430. LOL

    Trust, you are my morning cup of brew. LOL

  42. 42
    bklynsjm123 says:

    Battle of the tiny titans.

  43. 43
    katgirl33 says:

    Ooh Sandra…messy messy….LOL

  44. 44
    extraordinary says:

    I think Sandra is pulling a Dan Rathers?

  45. 45
    pointhimout says:

    y is he famous again? and where is omarion? i like seeing them together…

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