This is the real deal. I don't post just any open call. If you're an aspiring model, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! The Complex is owned by Devyne Stephens, former choreographer for celebs such as Usher, Ciara and Sean Combs. The facility houses recording studios, fitness center, dance studio and salon.

Quiet as it's kept, you can stop by any time of day and spot top tier celebrities milling about outside. Akon's tangerine Ferrarri is always parked out front. But keep that between me and you.

Source: Jamahl King, S.T.E.P.S. Events Planning Firm

  • pyt_504

    I just want to sit in the crowd so I can look at the male models!!

  • MzScorpo

    What ages?

  • Sandra Rose

    Contact with any questions you may have


    Unfortunately, I just saw this posted. I will send them an e-mail for further information. Sandra, do you know of a REPUTABLE modeling angency in Atlanta? I am asking for my brother. If you don't want to give it over the comments, I can shoot you an e-mail for the information. Thanks in advance. Thanks for this posting too.


    That's o.k. Sandra. I found Elite in Atlanta.