Not to be outdone by Sean Combs' manufactured group, Day 26, Maurice Starr's manufactured group New Kids On the Block are making a return. They still look fantastic after their unintentional hiatus from the music biz.

Unlike band members Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg who parlayed their good looks and talent into successful carers outside of music - Danny Wood, Jordan and Jonathan Knight have struggled to make their marks after the phenomenal success of NKOTB.

Obviously buoyed by the surprise success of Day 26, the Kids are hoping to reignite the stage and clean up financially during their upcoming tour. Details on the tour can be found on their website

  • heart2heart

    I like them! Yes, I was one of them black little girls lovin them some Donnie from NKOTB! LOL


    I'm not surprised by Day 26's success, those boys are talented!! I never could understand what all the hype was about for when New Kids on The Block... They were nothing but a white New Edition (Marky Mark was their Bobby Brown)

  • MZN

    OMG! I used to love New Kids on the Block!!!

  • prynsexxx

    Didn't one of them end up with sperm in his stomach? Sad that's the only way I remember them. LOL

  • candycane

    I did like NKOTB, didnt they sing *waving my hand in the air* I will always be there for youuuuuuuuu

    Oh,oh,ohhh oh, oh,oh ,ohhh the right stufff LOL!! They were cool, but NOT f*ckin' with New Edition!!!

  • Mia

    I never got the NKOTB fever. They do look nice though. My cousin was so mad for these boys back in the day. Her entire room was covered (literally) in NKOTB stuff. Posters from magazines, cards, etc.... She had the whole deal going on. When I told her they were making a comeback she said she wasn't really interested. I guess she suffered from NKOTB burnout ;)


    this is ooooooooooooooold news. so they are not coming for Day 26 or inspired by them at all. BUT i did used to love these lil guys...well they are older now too. and that's another thing...these boys/men are not young and supple like Day 26, but more mature and seasoned ya dig?

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    #1 I was too...I loved me some NKOTB!

  • milly

    Oooo child loved me some Marky mark back in the day lol

  • VirgoVixxen

    Sandra, stop for real. This is very old news- NKOTB have been in the process for coming back- it has nothing to do with day 26- I am really starting to be disappointed-this is like one of my favorite blogs-whats really going on

  • kitty4shigady

    I’m not surprised by Day 26’s success, those boys are talented!! I never could understand what all the hype was about for when New Kids on The Block… They were nothing but a white New Edition (Marky Mark was their Bobby Brown


  • krbinc

    i like their stage show! goin see them when they hit the stage again!

  • heart2heart

    Marky Mark was in the group before they got big. LOL He was never part of their success. Maybe y'all are talking his brother Donny Wahlberg.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    I was so excited that they were coming to Chicago where one of my best friends lives and she was like "so"!!!!

    I heart NKOTB. Jordan was my crush!!!

  • Irene

    The one on the extreme right looks like a used car salesman. Maybe it really was time to come back.

  • Tangela

    "Please don't go girl, you would ruin my whole world..." Dang, what memories, I used to stand in my bed with my purple brush and sing the paint of my mama's walls. Lol, I had like four different tapes so I could always listen to them: one is the car, in the bathroom radio, in my walkman, and in my bedroom.

  • Darnisha30

    Marky Mark was NEVER a NKOTB. Hopefully they will swing through Atlanta

  • ms.peaches

    ^^^^I thought he was with them in the very beginning but once they offically came out he decided to do his own thing as a rapper!! I really don't know or care I know I love Mark's fine ass now he is the only one affiliated with them that made the real moves so kudos to him!!

  • heart2heart

    Darnisha30, Mark Wahlberg was apart of the group in the very beginning and Joey took his place. Wow at me knowing all of this! LOL

  • 2bme

    sorry new kids will always be new edition knock offs..they were talented and had great songs but I could never get into them just for that simple fact

  • AlwaysSweet

    Do. Not. Want.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i liked new kids on the block back in the day....wish them much success!

  • Bird

    New Kids are not coming for Day 26. Their fans are older. Much older. Furthermore, they are a pop group, or at least they were. I can't even say they are filling the opening left by INSYNC because New Kids are even more pop than them. I think they are coming for their old fans.