The Rock pays $22k monthly child support

According to, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has agreed to pay ex-wife Dany Johnson $22,245 per month in child support for their 7-year-old daughter Simone.

Both parties agreed to pay $5,000 into a trust fund for little Simone that will go towards college tuition and other living expenses when she’s older. The couple will also share custody of Simone.

Dany is no slouch in the finance department: she earned 700K as a financial analyst last year. Damn, smart and beautiful. Go Dany! (Source)

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New Music: Rihanna – Disturbia

Thanks to Sam over at for this new track off Rihanna‘s forthcoming Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded re-release due in stores June 17th. Make sure you run out and grab that CD!


Clay Aiken Pulls a Michael Jackson

The rumors are true! It seems singer Clay Aiken convinced one of his BFF’s to get herself knocked up with his seed ala Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe! Perez Hilton has all the juicy details:

    Clay Aiken has reportedly knocked up his best gal pal, Jaymes Foster – an LA-based record producer in her 40s who oversaw a few of his album productions.

    The baby is said to have been conceived via artificial insemination, cuz we all know the Gayken doesn’t want to stick his pee pee in a vajayjay.

    He’s much more than just a sperm donor, though!

    Clay supposedly intends to play in active role in raising the child due in August. (Source)

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Video: Kanye West – Flashing Lights Pt. 3

Question: How many videos do we need for one song? The 1st version of Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” video was interesting to say the least. But the 2nd version was hot garbage.

This 3rd version is along the same lines as the 2nd version – which, as I said, was hot garbage.

What’s up with Kanye? Is he that arrogant and self centered that he thinks the public will sit still for 10 different videos of the same song from him?

Yes, “Flashing Lights” was a hawt song, but it’s played out now. For that matter, Kanye West is played out now. Can we get another single off the album?

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That Bitch Got Served?

I’m very disappointed that my fellow blogger That Bitch caved to the pressure from Kimora Lee’s henchmen attorneys.

Apparently, That Bitch got served over the weekend and she removed any and all references to Kimora Lee’s preference for licky licky with her back rubs.

It seems Rhymes With Snitch exercised her constitutional right to freedom of speech by blogging about Russell’s plans to expose Kimora’s dirty laundry. But Kimora had her attorneys on speed dial, and, as the saying goes, they put the smack down.

Someone should explain to Kimora that she is a public figure and therefore open to public scrutiny. If she doesn’t like people talking about her, maybe she’s in the wrong line of work.



Guess which celebrity was spotted on Wednesday carrying a worn copy of Tuesday’s USA Today with the headline ‘Usher: Music will grab fans if lyrics don’t’?

See who it is after break!

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Fan Mail: Too much air in your uterus

I’m getting the funniest emails in response to my Medical Minute titled Pain After Sex.

Judging from the emails I’ve received over the past couple days, just about every female has experienced the debilitating cramps that follow their orgasms – and they think they know the reason why.

Loyal reader Tayjon explains the cause and the cure in her email!

More power to you ladies for letting these mandingos use your uterus as punching bags! :lol:

    Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 04:19:31
    From: Tayjon
    Subject: Your entry on pain after sex………

    It is caused from air (which no chick willingly admits) or from having your cervix [beat up].

    Its really bad for you.

    Mine lasts exactly 45 minutes and it’s the most excruciating debilitating cramps I’ve ever had. One time I couldn’t even get to the door to let a guy out. I gave him my apt key and told him to GET OUT and lock the door behind him.

    Of course I got my locks changed when I could walk again.

    Now I know how to recognize when its happening during the sex so I can stop it from developing….. it’s a very definite feeling and its not entirely an unpleasant pleasant feeling, but you’ll start to recognize it and that’s when you need to put YOUR LEGS DOWN.

    He’s going in too deep, baby stop him before he hurts you.

    Some of us are just shallow.


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