Answer: a gay man! Despite his denials, it’s obvious that Marcus Patrick grabs his ankles quicker than Karrine Stephens!

I’ve never seen a straight man drop it like it’s hot and work that ass in a gay man’s crib then turn around and claim to be hetero.

B. Scott has it all on video. Don’t try to delude yourselves ladies: NO straight man would do this under ANY circumstances!

This is the dream home newlyweds Jay Z and Beyonce are having built in the leafy suburb of Scarsdale, NY. It’s not as big or as fabulous as Mary J. Blige‘s spread, but it’s definitely larger than the bachelor pad Jay Z shared with his man Larry Johnson.

According to Construction work is still taking place on the 15,000sq-ft modern colonial-style home. Although the couple own property in Manhattan, this is the first property they will own jointly.

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I am not one to talk about someone’s hair since my own trips to the hairdresser are far and few between. But, damn, Kerry, don’t they sell curling irons in Cannes?

Usher greets sailors aboard The USS Kearsarge and signs autographed copies of his new album “Here I Stand”.

Mariah and Nick Cannon are still riding that publicity stunt train until the wheels falls off. Yesterday the couple arrived in Japan for an MTV taping.

Alicia Keys, thick thighs and all, performed in Miami at the American Airlines Arena over the weekend.

Ne-Yo spent Memorial Day at a BBQ at his business partner’s crib in McDonough, Georgia. But two nights before that he was flipping one of his dancers onstage during his concert in Miami. Ne-Yo is on tour with Alicia Keys.

Reggie Bush still doesn’t know how to dress. He is so pathetic. Reggie and the reason he’s still relevant – Kim Kardashian – attended the 2008 White Party at Whitehouse in the Hamptons over the weekend.

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In a surprising revelation, singer Usher told a British newspaper of his plans to repackage his new album with a Justin Timberlake collabo.

Usher spoke with The Daily Mail newspaper last week and all but admitted that his album, Here I stand – which dropped today – will fail miserably.

Rather than talk about the songs on the album – Usher discussed songs he plans to add to the re-release, including a collaboration with Timberlake of whom Usher once said, “There simply is no comparison between me and Justin. He can’t even stand in the same lane as me, ever.”

Now Usher speaks like a man who is forced to face the harsh realities of dismal pre-sales estimates.

In his interview with the Mail, Usher said he regrets dissing Timberlake now that he needs him:

“I regret it, because he’s a great friend of mine now. I was young and didn’t know better. We were both being kids and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and we’re talking about doing something together for the repackaging of my album. If we ever worked together, though, it would be the biggest record ever.”

Sorry, Usher, but that train has left the station.

I’m still getting emails from readers inquiring about club promoter and fitness trainer Darius Miller who was attacked by a group of thugs back in December. I don’t know Mr. Miller personally, but I hear he is out of ICU and recovering slowly due to brain damage. Please keep him in your prayers.

Yesterday, a loyal reader sent me an email detailing another brutal attack involving another club promoter named Syncere. Details are sketchy, but according to Syncere, 24, he was set up by a chick named Destinee who he met at on May 8 at Club Pure where he promotes Thursday nights.

After exchanging text messages for a few days, the two agreed to meet at a club. But prior to that meeting, Destinee informed Syncere that she had a boyfriend. At one point she said: “You seem like a great friend, I hope we can have a strong friendship for a long time since I’m taken

Syncere invited her to his home at 2:10 AM to park her car before proceeding to the club together. As they pulled up to his driveway he was attacked by her boyfriend and another man who had been following them in another vehicle.

Syncere was stabbed 4 times and suffered a collapsed lung. He is out of the hospital now and asking for the public’s help to find his assailants.

Here’s a little friendly advice to you young cats: if you meet a woman in a club and she brings up her boyfriend within the first 15 minutes of conversation – she is not feeling you. Fall back.

Let the words “I have a boyfriend” or “I’m taken” be the last words you hear from a chick in a nightclub. If she says, “but we can still be friends,” you say, “no we can’t.” Life is too short and there are too many single chicks in Atlanta for you to be caught up in unnecessary drama.

You can read the first hand account from Syncere after the break (it’s a long read).

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Today’s Medical Minute is all about Telangiectasia, otherwise known as spider veins or spider varicosities. Telangiectasia is not to be confused with varicose veins – a painful condition involving larger veins of the legs and feet.

Telangiectasia are dilated tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin. These tiny dilated vessels or capillaries can be seen on any part of the body including the face and breasts. When spider veins are seen on the breasts, the condition is usually caused by pregnancy, hereditary diseases, binding clothing or breast implants that are too large for the surrounding tissue.

When breast implants are too large they can compress the veins under the skin surface causing them to dilate. This condition can be reversed by wearing loose-fitting clothing, re-doing the implants or adjusting the size of the implants.

20% of women who undergo breast implant surgery tend to choose implants that are too large for their frame. This leads to an unnatural breast appearance, sagging breasts and other problems including Telangiectasias.

In cases where spider veins do not resolve on their own, they are usually treated with laser therapy or injections which dissolves the veins.

This has been your Medical Minute!

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This picture says it all! Three QUEENS on a yacht! There’s Jay Z doing his best imitation of Andre Leon Talley with those pursed lips and one hand on his hip. Just come OUT Jay, girl!

I don’t know what to say about that outfit Miss Sean Combs is wearing. He looks like an old Jewish woman on South Beach – sagging ass and all! Why are Sean’s breasts are bigger than Beyonce‘s and Bey is the one who’s supposed to be pregnant?

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