In a surprising revelation, singer Usher told a British newspaper of his plans to repackage his new album with a Justin Timberlake collabo.

Usher spoke with The Daily Mail newspaper last week and all but admitted that his album, Here I stand - which dropped today - will fail miserably.

Rather than talk about the songs on the album - Usher discussed songs he plans to add to the re-release, including a collaboration with Timberlake of whom Usher once said, "There simply is no comparison between me and Justin. He can't even stand in the same lane as me, ever."

Now Usher speaks like a man who is forced to face the harsh realities of dismal pre-sales estimates.

In his interview with the Mail, Usher said he regrets dissing Timberlake now that he needs him:

"I regret it, because he's a great friend of mine now. I was young and didn't know better. We were both being kids and he turned out to be a really cool guy, and we're talking about doing something together for the repackaging of my album. If we ever worked together, though, it would be the biggest record ever."

Sorry, Usher, but that train has left the station.

  • 2bme

    I can guarantee JD will NOT produce that track..I wouldn't be surprised if it put a strain on his relationship with him altogether

  • HunE916

    That fool was on MY local news this morning promoting his album! I was like, damn, he is trying HARD to sell this one!

    I think JT, Chris Brown and all the other cats who took his spot got him shook!

  • brwnsugga4you

    karma baby karma....

  • bloggergirlz

    although the album is being promoted, there's no interest out there...i'm not trying to be funny, but i don't know one person who plans to buy the album this timearound...

  • 2bme

    I like two songs..appetite and his mistakes..the whole ODE to Tameka vibe is irritating..he should have scrapped the album..LA should have never greenlighted's subpar..i've never had to skip past songs on an Usher CD

  • Anna

    The question is "Does he still have it"? Why was he on Ellen last week singing a old song when he has an entire albumn to promote.

  • milly

    I heard him on the radio yesterday promoting the hell out the album and I'm not sure I've heard anything thats made me jump out my seat and run to target like I did on Confessions...But well see



  • Dani

    Not really feeling this album. It seems as though he is trying to be too different. Growth as an artist doesn't mean you have to compromise yourself. Sometimes you should just do what you do best and skip out on following trends.

  • bklynchick

    I haven't heard to much about how the album was going to be. I heard one song and it really wasn't that hot. I am with Dani with growth comes experiences and I think he was trying to be this person that he really isn't. Really like an old man!! He is not old. Come back USH!

  • iscream

    Lol @ the foolishness he said about JT.... Justin is still eating off an album he put out like 2 years ago. But I commend him for eating his words.

    Be careful of the people you step on when u go up because they may be the same @ss's you have to kiss on your way down.

  • pinky2083

    THE ALBUM IS WAAAACK!!! I understand he's older now and married with a kid blah blah blah.. but DAYUM we need some club tracks.. every song sounds like it's about Tameka's ugly ass!

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  • pointhimout

    this doesn't look good. well, i guess he's allowed one so/so cd. when is the repackaged one gonna drop???? i'll wait for that one. i always buy ushers cd's; never had one that was lame, so not sure how to take this....

  • Bubbles

    It's not a bad album exactly. Just not Confession... or Future Sex Love SOunds .

  • Mspeng

    pinky2083 Says:

    THE ALBUM IS WAAAACK!!! I understand he’s older now and married with a kid blah blah blah.. but DAYUM we need some club tracks.. every song sounds like it’s about Tameka’s ugly ass!

    LOL...Pinky...tell us how you REALLY feel

  • kat

    i bet his cd will be #1.....

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Damn Usher sounds sooooo desperate...I'm not gonna lie I went pass good ole Circuity City and Usher's albums looked fully stocked sitting on the New Release table.

    I picked up a copy...I have all his other albums might as well keep the collection going. However, unlike previous Usher albums I didn't feel the urgency to rip the plastic off of the cd and blast it in my ride.

    I don't know...Usher just isn't the same. And just hearing that statement from him makes me feel like I should return the album and get my money back.

  • Oracle

    Well, that what he gets for firing his mama. That was a really BAD move on his part and now he gotta suffer with the consequences.