According to pre-sales estimates, Usher's 5th studio effort Here I Stand - which dropped yesterday - will be the biggest debut album of the year with 575K in 1st week sales. On the strength of his solid #1 hit "Love in This Club", Usher soundly trounces Mariah's E=MC2 which previously held the top seller title with 475k sold the first week out.

Most of us missed the boat on this one with predictions as low as 80-150k in first week sales. I'm sure Usher is somewhere laughing.


  • Kymystry

    Young White folk will buy into anything ...

  • j-lo843

    Yeah...go Usher...LMAO



  • Kymystry

    I'm with you BlackBarbie ... I don't even want the bootleg ... lol ... He lost me as a fan with his professed love and constant explanation of his personal life ... keep your personal life personal ..and make music ... or should I say make GOOD music .. cause this is GABAGE (NJ accent)

  • 2Unruly

    Then, they must be buying it JUST because he is Usher. He is fortunate to be in that position, and have it like that. Sort of like a Janet Jackson status--some people will buy anything she puts out. Madonna and Mariah too. So I guess it is safe to say, Mr. Raymond has reached icon status? I liked all of his previous albums. The new stuff---not my cup of tea, and won't be buying. Glad he did well, for his sake.

  • mr mr

    people look....good album or not, let us not forget that this is the brotha that sold over 6M copies of his last he was bound to do alright...i never bought into the BLOGGER claims that it was gonna flop...

  • Kymystry

    mr mr ... I didn't buy into the blogger claims ... I just don't care for the brotha's personality long before all his current drama ... in all the prior interviews how he treated his Mother ... I can think of better things to do with my "entertainment" dollars .. and Mr & Mrs Raymond ain't gettin them ... :-)

  • milly

    Glad it did ok...cuz I dont think its not for me this time around, I downloaded in this club though from I-tunes :)

    ***But seriously times are too hard to buy a CD just for one song, I dont think I'm gonna get it yet,and thats if I do decide to get it, but I'll wait to hear more songs, and hope that they grow on me and then make my decision.

  • Anna

    This just goes to show that there are ppl who don't have internet access or cable to watch MTV TRL. Because what he keeps doing is a turnoff to many fans. Then again as 2Unruly put it a real fan will buy regardless. Good for him. Now he can buy his little family a Island and get some much needed R&R and live where nobody knows his name. When noone knows who you are you don't have to defend anything. lol. Not mad at him. Just more things to worry about than Usher ranting like a 12 yr old.

  • Bubbles

    Good for him .

  • HunE916

    He ain’t nowhere laughing! He’s somewhere yelling at folks about how he is REALLY in love with his wife and happy!




    I AGREE ......2Unruly

  • black beauty

    I don't have the album and won't be buying it simply because gas is to damn high period. But good for him all I can say is it must be them young teens buying it with there allowance

  • HunE916

    Kymystry Says:

    "...I just don’t care for the brotha’s personality long before all his current drama … in all the prior interviews how he treated his Mother..."

    I really can’t believe he said on TRL that his wife was not the reason why he FIRED his mother! I don’t give a damn WHY you let her go, but damn! Do you have to go around telling folks you actually FIRED her?! Now THAT’S disrespectful!

    He’s so worried about telling everyone how much of a "Black (Drag) Queen" his WIFE is; what about his MOTHER!? She should be his UTLIMATE Black Queen! She gave birth to his little dusty @ss! And she was good enough for him and his career before Tamieka came along, so what changed?!

    He’s a b!tch.





    LMBAO @ HunE916

  • Kymystry

    LMBAO @ HunE916 ... Dusty Azz and He's a B!tch ... PRICELESS ... lol

  • prynsexxx

    Nice jacket.

  • tintin

    hahahahaha suckers, Usher will never fail. now Sandra insert the comment where you say his label went out and purchased the albums to make sales look high.

    Give props where it is due, the man is talented and he can never fall off. Him saying he thinks he will flop is just to please people like Sandra that hate on him. The man has a good heart so nothing but good can come to Usher, People with good attitudes and hearts prosper in life. Sandra take note.

  • tintin

    the album is good i don't know what you people are listening too. i'm assuming sandra has grown folk on her board and in shock that you guys wanna continue hearing sing about being caught up and gettng a bad girl. we all grow up some day in our life, so usher is grown now. if this was a musiq or raheem devaughn album i bet everyone would say it wicked, i'm gonna cop it. people just want a reason to hate.

  • milly

    I give props when its due...but this here is not the business, hell the 1st song had to grow on me.. and its Usher yall! I had the bar raised for Usher, because he consistently delivered album after album,and now he gives us this??? come on now this is not hating, its called keeping it real

  • licia

    i am happy for him , but this album was a disappointment. i expected more. tin tin this album is crap . love usher's music to death , but i have to call it like i see it.

    i am honestly tired of him always defending what he has done in his life. people are gonna talk regardless so let them talk. if he's in love and happy with all that he has done then so be it.if people don't like it , who cares ? he should have addressed this one time and left it at that. i can't stand his wife, but i respect his decision .

  • Kymystry

    tin tin .. what GROWN man talks about Screwin a friggin CLUB .. thats some Ghetto Hoodrat BullSchit ...puulease ...

  • iyonah

    @ HunE916 ... you are so right, I guess if he professes it enough then he will believe it.

    I used to like his music, but his recent stuff it just ok. I liked Jeezy's part on the remix, but not enought to even download it illegaly. I just here it when it comes on the radio. Other than that ... no $ being spent on Usher. He just isn't putting out the same caliber of music anymore. Or at least I haven't heard it if he has. I am looking forward to Neyo's album.

  • starr

    I have no plans to buy the album......don't even care for it for free. I've lost so much respect for usher. As if we're stupid, we know why u fired ya mother. And i don't have any respect for ANY man who doesn't treat his mother like the queen she is. Especially after she got you where you are. Bleep that. Ain't getting my money. Gas prices is a nooooo thank you.

  • Negrito

    Most people knew Usher would sell a lot of records. It's only a surprise to people who are blinded by hate towards Usher and wishful thinking that he would fail. The fact is even though Here I stand is not as good as Confessions it still a good album. The album could've been even better had he added a few more great songs that for whatever reason aren't on the album (Echo and Dat girl). Usher has been a major star for over a decade now and has a lot of loyal fans out there that been fans for many years....So of course this would not be a flop and most ppl knew that. Usher = Great artist and a great entertainer.


    me personally, haven't thought twice about the album..Glad he's doing well with it. Maybe he will sit down some where and reap the benefits, and stop trying to make people like his wife.. As long as he does, nothing else should be an issue, but of course it is.. I will always say something is not right about that relationship, be strong, keep pushing, keep your head up right.. Something he knows nothing about!! I wish he would stand up for his mom's the way he takes a stand for the wife..But you know when your trying to make someone believe something those are the things you resort to. Keep it moving like Bee & Jay, I'm not their biggest fans eithier,but now I do respect the way they carry it, because of nonsence like this..

  • BayArea

    I'm listening to the CD now on AOL (Full CD Listening Parties), trying to determine if it is worth stopping at Best Buy, Circuit City or Target before it goes off sale. So far I am not impressed.

    I'll probably buy a few singles via I tunes but I can not see myself buying this entire album. NOT YET anyway.

  • 2thick4u

    I knew that he was going to sell big!!!

    Usher has mass appeal. Even though he hasn't been out in a while. He still has that "umph" that crosses over to TRL audience!!!

    Congrats Usher!!!

  • MzDetermined

    Good for Usher!

  • ELove

    Usher STILL has white fans and we all Know-How-Mindless they are... He actually got 3 1/2 stars here in the CHI which is crazy considering how WEAK the first 2 songs were and he doesn't even get ANY airplay worthy of a Big-time R&B star.

    The Bootleggers aren't selling his S-H-I-T on the streets... They're going to the Burbs selling to the white kids ;-)

  • 2bme

    i'mgoing to REALLY have to listen more to the album..again only two songs really stuck out at me..I'm all for change and evolving but something is really hit or miss here with this go around..

  • tintin

    @ Kymystry

    and old Mariah is talking about migrating in the club, who really cares.

  • AllICanSay

    Who bought this crap. He took over V-103, here in Atlanta over the weekend. He played the entire CD. To me it was awful. I am not a Usher fan but a good music fan and this is not good music. I bought the Confessions CD and enjoyed it. At the rate he is going with his music he will never be able to compare with himself on Confessions.

  • LB

    damn, looks like NO ONE in RnB/Hip Hop is gonna touch Alicia's 742k. lmao!

  • lexdiamonz

    umm sorry folks this album is for the folks buying albums young, white pre-teens and teens usher do your thang make tameka that money