Fellow celebrity blogger Style Razzi hipped me to an exclusive Monica interview conducted by StraightFromTheA.com's ATLien, who is a member of this community. Monica touches on her life as a mother and soon-to-be-wife and she talks about the night her baby daddy Rocko proposed to her.

But Mo had a few words to say about a message left on a blogger's voicemail that was quickly turned into a video viral sensation (the video received 25,000 views and sparked interest from media types like Wendy Williams who wants Mo on her new TV show).

Wow…a video? I had no idea it was THAT serious! It’s not that I even care that it was posted on all those sites cause I don’t. I said what I said because I felt that the truth had to be told. No matter how small the lie. I reached out because I wanted to clear up any misconceptions about my relationship with Beyonce. Any time you can stop a lie you do yourself a favor by speaking the truth.

Monica stated that she personally did not even see the original post that implied she was beefing with Beyonce…but her family and friends notified her about it. For the record, she didn’t even mention Beyonce’s name but a few bloggers simply speculated that she was speaking of her. READ MORE...