Throwback Thursdays: Damian Dame – Exclusivity

Damian Dame was the first group signed to LaFace Records. The duo consisted of Debra Jean “Deah Dame” Hurd, who died in a car accident on June 27, 1994. And Bruce Edward “Damian” Broadus who died of complications related to AIDS on June 27, 1996 – 2 years to the day Hurd died. Damian Dame’s New Jack Swing hit “Exclusivity” was LaFace’s first #1 hit.

Exclusivity Remix ft. Whodini & LBC Crew


9 Responses to “Throwback Thursdays: Damian Dame – Exclusivity”

  1. 1
    kamini says:

    Damn…I remember that song. But I didn’t they died. Wow!

  2. 2
    pointhimout says:

    I thought Damian died from colon cancer. This is the group Chilli danced with before TLC. The jam is ‘gotta learn my rhythm.’

  3. 3
    Bird says:

    I remember that song even though I don’t remember the group or video. I’m sorry to hear both members died prematurely.

  4. 4
    H-Town Shan says:

    @pointhimout: Yeah, I’m with you. I read somewhere that Damian passed away from some form of cancer. I think it was stomach cancer.

  5. 5
    Mimi Renee says:

    Yeah I thought the guy died from stomach cancer too..thats what I remembering reading. And I liked their song “Gotta Learn My Rhythm” too.

  6. 6
    mizzdallas says:

    I remeber seeing them on “The Apollow Show” and that was long ago. It was so sad to hear both of them passed away.

  7. 7
    cupcakes says:

    Yeah, I like the remix version. That was the jsm back in the day.

    So sad…yes, he did die from colon cancer. It was not AIDS complications Sandra!

  8. 8
    hellava10 says:

    The whole LaFace Cartel was hot back in the day, I still listen to Reversal of a Dog. His hair was laid on the Get Right Down To It video. I’m having major flashbacks to real music.

  9. 9
    tamel says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that they both had passed away. Just a few weeks ago I was trying to get my friend to remember the group by singing Exclusivity to him. I searched and searched for the video but couldn’t find it.

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